Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob Challenge

Okay, it's no secret that I (along with a bunch of the other Lollipop Girls) are Twilight fans. Yes, I really enjoyed reading about the teenage vampires. VERY MUCH I might add. Yes, I can watch the movie over and over again with as much anticipation as I did the very first time I ever watched it. And yes, I plan on buying a bunch of tickets to take my daughter and her friends next week to watch New Moon in the theaters. I figure, my daughter and the rest of her pre-teen friends will make me look a little better if I had to stand in line to watch this movie. Obsessed? Maybe.

Now, even though some of you may not "get it," that's okay. You didn't have to plant your face in the books for this challenge and you didn't even have to see the movie. All you need to know is that Edward is a Vampire and Jacob is a "Werewolf" and they are both in love with the stupid Lamb ~ Bella.

Choose a team to be on ~ Edward's or Jacob's.

Team Edward -
Who's afraid of the BIG Bad Wolf? Not Edward! If you choose to be a Vampire girl than you will need to completly dazzle me. As a Vampire, Edward's skin sparkles in the sunlight. Yes, real men sparkle! So, dig out your bling-bling and use it!

Don't stop there! If you chose Edward you also need to use the colors Black and Red. It doesn't have to be all black and red. Just as long as there is some black and red on your paper creation (even in the tiniest bit) then you are all good to go!

Team Jacob -
Prefer half-naked guys instead? If you choose to run with the Wolves then you will need to include a heart because Jacob has one.

Reminder: If you see a wolf running around your house, don't shoot at it!

You will also need to use the colors brown and white.

No matter which team you choose to be on, you DO NOT have to create a Twilight themed Paper Creation. It can be anything of your choosing. Just follow the rules above set for each team and no vampires or wolves need to be incorporated into the making.

You can create more than just a Scrapbooking layout if you wish. Just as long as it is a Paper Creation it will be eligible. Please make sure to link it to Mr Linky below by the due date which is: Sunday, 22 November.

Terri from Color Me Miki is our Sponsor for this challenge and she has donated the BEWITCHING Kit that includes some of the New Pink Paislee Twilight line. It will go to 1 Lucky Winner that the Lollipop Girls choose from the entries. If you like "Eclectic," you will LOVE Color Me Miki! Click on their highlighted name to be taken over there to check out the home of the miki kits!

To get you inspired here are a few creations by the Lollipop Girl Desigh Team here at C.S.D. and our Special Guest Designer for November.
This first and AWESOME scrapbooking layout is by our extremely talented Guest Designer Chris Aiton. Obviously she chose to be on Team Jacob.

This tag is by our lovely Elina. She chose to be on Team Edward.

This layout is by Jen P. and she chose to be on Team Jacob.

This layout is by Jen F. and she chose Team Jacob as well.
Jenny chose to be on Team Jacob too and created a layout!
Dr. Annika created a layout and she chose to be on Team Edward. Woo-hoo, yeah! LOL
Sandy was on Team Jacob and she created a layout.

Melissa chose to be on Team Edward. She created a Halloween themed card.
Who would I be if I didn't choose to be on Edward's Team? LOL I chose to create a Stickles Storage Box. On the top of the box it says "Make Life Sparkle."
Remember, DUE DATE for entries (for the Blog Candy) is 22 NOVEMBER:


Jona Panesa said...

i just love the challenge. and will surely join again this time. lovely projects as always!

Darien said...

Awesome!!!!!!! I have to try this!!!

Jenna Ruth said...

This challenge sounds like so much fun!!

Stacy said...

Fun Challenge!!!! My daughter was trying to imitate the cover at halloween! Thought the pic was perfect for your challenge :)

hayleycreates said...

8 more sleeps!!!! I already have my ticket.
I'm so Team Edward!! Can't wait to work on this challenge! This is so fun! So glad I found your site through my friend ScrapeeDiane!

Jenny B in Indy said...

Awesome projects, ladies!!!

Olga said...

I'm a vampire girl (Team Edward) for this challenge. Added a link through Mr Linky, but here's a link to my blog:

Keely Livings said...

Fabulous challenge! I am definitely Team Edward!

AmesOx said...

Love this challenge! I am for sure on team Edward :-) Vampires all the way!

Jenn K said...

Team Edward all the way...Now if I can get a good pic of my project....GRRRR

kate blue said...

added a link via Mr. Linky...I do x'splain myself for not choosing a side but you'll have to go to teh blog and the layout!

StaZ said...

Great Challenge!!!!

Jennifer Priest said...

LOVE all the pages and projects and how everyone had a totally different take on it!!

Jenn K said...

I am on team Edward all the way!! Fun challenge!

Faye Marie said...

I am not a twilight reader but I totally had fun with this challenge. If you couldn't tell I am Team Jacob. This is my first time entering the challenge so sorry for the two links :) oops.

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