Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WHITE Challenge

Try creating in ALL WHITE!

I know this one's been done before elsewhere but I figured it a perfect time to do one too at C.S.D.
 It's a new year. Time to start fresh. Make everything that later in the year we can corrupt it with all of my other outrageous ideas. Kidding!

No I'm not.. ;-)
If you know me well enough then you know that I don't like to play by the rules. So, of course I'm not going to make you if I don't. You will be allowed to bend the rules a bit. And by bending the rules we mean that you can customize these challenges given to you to suit your own personal tastes.

Like....if you wanted to add a pop of color to your white creation (like our Lollipop Girl Ally did), that's fine. You create these things for you, not us. However, please do not take this bending the rules bit too far. Like....creating in ALL BLACK when the rules clearly state that it's an ALL WHITE challenge. That's like....going to P. Diddy's ALL WHITE party when you've got ALL BLACK on and expecting to be let in.

Just saying.

The Lollipop Girls created these examples to help inspire you.... 
by Lollipop Girl - Jeanette Almgren a.k.a. Lush Liquorice

by Candy Striper - Katherine Blue a.k.a. Kit Kat

by Lollipop Girl - Kimmy Jaster a.k.a. Foreign Chocolate Correspondant

by Lollipop Girl - Maureen Kao a.k.a. Lil' Mint Mocha

by one of our NEW Lollipop Girls - Sookie Francisco a.k.a. Cinnamon Swirl

by Lollipop Girl - Ally Serrato a.k.a. Sour Patch Chick

  • Create whatever you are inspired to create and leave a DIRECT LINK in the Linky Party above when you are finished.
  • To give yourself a better chance at winning the monthly prize feel free to enter as many creations as you want.  However, they must be NEW creations (as of January 1, 2011) 
  • We gave you 3 challenge choices above.  You can create something for one or all or....go through our list of retired challenges and create something from one of those.  Keep in mind, you will not be eligible for the prize of those past challenges....just this months prize.
  • You are allowed to submit your creation elsewhere in other contests and challenges. We don't mind!
  • Due date to submit your entries is Sunday, January 30th.  The January WINNER will be announced the following day.
I won't forget to mention our talented NEW Lollipop Girls....Jeanette Siciliani a.k.a. Pink Sugar and Sookie Francisco a.k.a. Cinnamon Swirl. 

And how can I forget to annouunce our WINNER and HONORABLE MENTIONS from last, I haven't forgotten....the DECEMBER WINNER is....

Natalie Elphinstone

CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Please contact us to claim your prize.



Beautiful work ladies!  Keep it coming!  Thanks for everyone else for participating in our December challenges.  We hope you play along again with us this month.  The prize is just as fab!


dlwidder said...

Hey, I totally missed the deadline for the white on white (I just found your site on Saturday and was busy w/the kids). I understand I can't enter the contest, but would love if you'd take a look at the layout I created using this color scheme (added a touch of blue) and combining challenges. Thanks for the fabulous inspiration!

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