Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It's called ART!

Go crazy and create something unimaginable....and then call it ARTwork!

If you follow my personal blog then this picture of David in all his glory comes as no surprise to you because I gave a little sneak peek of this challenge a few days ago.  I'm sorry if I made more than 1 person spit out their coffee when they pulled up their blogger dashboard. ;-)

I had an idea in mind for this though.....I did!  Even though my Lollipop Girls actually shied away from this one I am planning to take it on later this month.  See this guy in the picture?
That colorful armoured dude in the background? 

Yeah well, I happened to come across a miniature version and I plan on doing a little replica of him.  SO scared to tackle this project but excited at the same time!  My finished piece will hopefully resemble this one in the picture that I love so much.


Khristen said...

Wow, what an artsy little armored dude! What a challenge!

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