Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Big Ego Challenge

Big Ego Challenge
Due Date - 11 November

Our Lollipop Girl, Rasberry Dazzle, inspired us to throw this fun Challenge.

Rules are:
-That you must create a Paper Creation (it doesn't have to be a layout) about yourself
-Use little icons that define you (or ones that you simply like)
-Choose a title that exudes confidence (it can be a quote if you wish)

Here are examples from the Lollipop Girl Design Team....

"I have a BIG Ego!" by Lynnette Davis least on my good days I can say I do. I actually get the Delia*s magazine in the mail and used t-shirt icons they had in the magazine. I LUV these cute shirts and would buy them all if I could. My favorite is the green one with the #2 pencil. He's scribbling away saying "I wanna be number 1!!!" LOL I remember telling my husband the same thing before we were married. I knew I deserved to be treated as someones #1 and he really makes me feel like I am. "An Iconic Story" by Sandra Polette

Notice how the icons on Sandy's layout become instant Eye Candy? She went to and did a main search for "icons" to get these. You can even be more specific and type in "cupcake icons" if you fancy. She was a real inspiration to us! "Back 2 Square 1" by Michelle Jacknicke

Michelle had a really fun time putting her life into icons. It was something she had never done before and in order to keep it all in line she had to leave out so many icons that she liked. Don't you just love her title? So fitting! "I Wanna Rawk The World" by Elina Koutsouradi

"Yes, this is what I wanna do… I wanna rawk everybody’s world, with my mind, my presence, my humor and my scrapbooking!! I picked funny icons in black and white to show that I am too sexy even for his squarepants!!"
xo Elina "Recipe Of Me" by Melissa Ferguson
Now how clever is this?! Melissa created a Mini Book out of Recipe Cards. She picked them up at Michael's for $1.50. Talk about thrifty. This is just AWESOME! It makes a perfect little coffee table book and it's filled with all her favorites from TV Shows to Music. "It's All About Me!" by Dr. Annika Prestwich

Journaling reads: I have a lot of things I crave....expensive handbags, chocolate Starbucks coffee, fast cars, nice scrapping things and on top of all of this I crave and need success and a career! Generally, it's all about me!
xo Annika
"Bold As Love" by Jennifer Matott
"I found lots of icons that were the color red and thought it would be perfect to illustrate the song lyrics from one of my favorite John Mayer songs "Bold As Love." What color is more confident than red?"
xo Jen

"Bad Ass Bitch" by our Guest Designer Ally Serrato

She surely is but I'm just wondering where the other 2 angels are....Charlies Angels that is. ;)

The Lollipop Girls will vote for the WINNER and she will have a chance to win this Tinkering Ink Blog Candy!!! Blog Candy donated by Jill from Memorable Seasons. Make sure to check out Memorable Seasons for all your latest needs when it comes to capturing the seasons of life. Please post this Blog Candy on the sidebar of your blogs to help C.S.D. reach 200 Sweethearts.


Jenny B in Indy said...

These rock, girls!!

Niya said...

Looks great! Thanks for sharing.

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Chris said...

Interesting prompt - love the DT layouts! I am not too big on little icons but I decided to do my "Spread your wings" layout sort of like a quilt with small pictures, logos, and words that are parts of me.

Olgy said...

Great layouts! This takes me back to HS years when I used to love cutting out all kinds of stuff from the magazines.

StaZ said...

Great challenge. I am going to see what I can do with this one.

StaZ said...

Great challenge! I am going to see what I can come up with!

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