Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Busy Fashionista" Sweet Tooth Tutorial

Thank you scraptasticrockstar, Paula, Mel, ScrapHappyinKY, Megan, Stephanie *SP DIVA*, Ednoraia Benevides and Alaina for becoming a Sweetheart of C.S.D. recently. We're SO glad you decided to join us!

By: Jennifer Manis

Now, onto the First "Sweet Tooth" Tutorial of C.S.D. ..... It's being given by Guest Designer Jennifer Manis. She's an Ohio Native and a morning Crafter who started out creating "Soap Opera" Scrapbooks when she was a teenager. She's here to show us how to Alter a Clipboard with her "Busy Fashionista" Altered Clipboard Tutorial.

You can find Clipboards in an Office Supply Store and maybe even your $1 Store. You may even find a plain one handy in your own office to spruce up for this. I found mine at Walmart for around $2 and there were big ones, small ones, acrylic ones, you name it! I just got the cheapest one though. LOL Hey! Times are hard!

Altering a plain ol' Clipboard is a fun way to bring originality to something so simple and it gives you reason to dress something up. Also, by Altering Clipboards you get to personalize it to your very own taste.

-For those of you who travel a lot or don't yet have a GPS you can always Alter a Clipboard in a Travel theme and use it to hold your Tickets, ID's, Itineraries, Road Maps, etc.
-You can Alter a Clipboard in any given theme to keep track of your "lists." Whether it be a Grocery List, Chore List, School Supply List or To-Do List.
-You can Alter Clipboard's to coordinate with different rooms of your house that could use a calender and go to and print off free calender sheets.
And for all us "Busy Fashionista's" an Altered Clipboard would be a wonderful thing to have to keep "order" in everyday things. Plus, you can take it with you when you're on the go.

The supplies needed are:
-A Clipboard (of course) in a size of your choosing.
-Adhesive (whatever kind works for you).
-Scissors (the tool needed for just about every craft your working on) and if you like things to be perfect a measuring tool would be handy too.
-Scrapbooking Papers, Fabric -or- anything else you'd like to use to cover the Clipboard. If you'll be using Scrapbooking Papers try using some from your stash to start diminishing it.
-and last but not least....Embellishments (anything you'd like to add such as flowers, ribbons, buttons and even photo's if you'd like).

Now onto the "Sweet Tooth Tutorial" by Jennifer Manis
Don't worry! Altering a Clipboard is SUPER EASY and so much fun! You've already done the hardest part of it all and that was "gathering the supplies" wasn't that hard was it?
Now, if you haven't already done so go ahead and think of a theme you would like to work with and go with it.
Start the Altering process by adhering down the Scrapbooking Paper or Fabric -or- whatever else you chose to cover the Clipboard with. You can cover it's entirety or half and half or however you'd like.
After your Clipboard is covered you can go ahead and do the fun part which is adding your embellishments to decorate the Clipboard.
There are endless possibilities can tie some pretty ribbons to the clip, tape some funny pictures down, attach flowers, you can even decorate the back of it if you'd like. I'm not going to tell you where to put what. This is where your creativity comes in.
In the end you'll have a stylish new Clipboard to help you keep track of things!"
You gotta have Rules:


-You can submit any Altered Clipboard YOU created (in the past or present) to be eligible for the "Busy Fashionista" Blog Candy. Just make sure to leave a comment with a link to where it's located.
-You will get 1 POINT for each submission. You are NOT limited to just 1 Submission.
-You will get an EXTRA POINT for using the color RED on your Altered Clipboard.

Here's an Altered Clipboard I made for my daughter's teacher last year. I actually found the marked up Clipboard in my daughter's room. I don't remember how she got it but it looked years old. I knew it just needed some re-vamping instead of just being thrown away. So, I went to work on it.

I always get sucked into making her teachers Handmade Gifts, especially for the 1st Day of School. And remember I said that somehow when I start working on something things just come together? Well, I was looking around my kitchen for something one day and came across the apple you see dangling from the clip. I couldn't believe it, it was the perfect touch to add to the project and it was already on string. I have no idea where that came from either.

I added an A+ with some Creative Memories Stickers that I've had for years in hopes that her teacher will give me some bribery points. LOL And I thought the quote "Teachers can't live on apples alone!" was a cute touch since a lot of kids still do bring their teachers an apple on the 1st day of school. :)

I couldn't find my exacto knife at the time (I still can't seem to find it and it's been about a year now) so....I used buttons to cover the Clipboard portion at the top. I think it worked in my favor....that row of buttons made it all come together somehow.

By: Lynnette Davis a.k.a. Cherry Lolita

Here's the "Busy Fashionista" Blog Candy that 1 LUCKY Sweetheart will win in about 3 weeks time.

Good Luck to everyone!


elina said...

These are some YUMMY goodies!!!! Thanx Jennifer for the tutorial!

Jennifer Matott (Sigmagirl) said...

Gorgeous prize and I love this idea! i've seen it before but never thought of all the possibilities that you shared! Great inspiration!!!

Merrilee said...

I did an altered clipboard as a teacher's gift last Christmas. It even has a little red in the striped paper.

Jenny B in Indy said...

WHOO HOO!! A few of my scrappy friends joined.. Way to represent, y'all!! tee hee

I am totally digging these prizes, OMG, I wish I could win them. LMBO!! Great challenge, Jennifer M!!
I'm on this one.. stat! :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh love love love it!
Now I just have to find a clipboard :D

Paula Calvanico said...

You ladies all rock the blog world!!! Luvin your talent and ideas!


Jenna Ruth said...

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!! Don't you just love CSD?!!

Jenny said...

Yay! Altered clipboards are so much fun! I've done just a plain one for a swap, and three Christmas countdown clipboards!

Here's the front

and the back

And here are the three countdown ones

Jenny B in Indy said...

Great job, ladies!!!

Jenny said...

Oops! I posted one twice! Here's the right link.

Sandy said...

Awesome tutorial Jennifer!! I've always wanted to alter a clipboard but never did...guess now's the perfect time to try! LOVIN' the prize too! Good luck sweethearts! :)

Lita said...

Finished this up last night. It was so much fun and I got to use of bits and pieces around the office. The best part!

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial. I just finished up a clipboard that I have been meaning to alter for a while. It's even got red in it.

Melisa's Clipboard

chris a said...

Just loved this idea and here's mine

Heather said...

This project is right up my alley, as I have an absolute list obsession! I think making lists substitutes for my ability to actually finish tasks LOL. Hopefully I can finish this project and earn a chance to win the lovely prize!

Sandy said...

Oh, I'm just loving everyone's work. Keep 'em coming--I'm inspired by all of you! Love all the different ideas for future clipboards. Hehe :) Here's the one I did:

"Busy Fashionista" --Altered Clipboard Fun!

Jona Panesa said...

great project!

noga said...

great candy, and a great blog!

Jennifer Priest said...

Cute tutorial!! Love the clipboards!

Julie Kight said...

I love this contest!, and the posts so far have been absolutely beautiful. Good job girls! Here is mine:

It's on the right side of my blog. I only show the front of it because it is on my wall holding scrap layouts, so you don't even see the back. The back is painted pink though. TFL :)

Ελευθερία said...

Good work everybody!!
I am new to the whole scrapbooking hobby, but I'll try to do my best!!!
thank you for your help!!

Ελευθερία said...

Good job...
it's a very interesting blog... and your work!!! no words to describe it. I am very new to the whole thing and thank you for your advises and tutorials!!
keep up the good work!!!
all of you!!!

kate blue said...

clipboards are extremely fast and easy to make and can be tailored to the recipient-make excellent teachers gifts like I did on my one on the right-I attached a notebook and gift card to it!


Olga said...

Very cute project.

Miss Jaster said...

My altered clipboard...

I made my own, using mat board and a binder clip. I hope that's okay. :D

Sophia said...

Here is mine an Advent Christmas Calendar

Miss Jaster said...

I made another one- part of a gift set for my mom for christmas.

Candy Shoppe Designs said...

LAST CALL for Altered Clipboard Submissions are today. Please make sure to link your Paper Creation on the Mister Linky Widget if you don't see it linked already. This will make the Lollipop Girls have an easier time voting for their favs. Thanks gals!

Jenny B in Indy said...

Great job, girls!!

Anonymous said...

Great treat to my eyes! loved your art.

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business templates said...

are they real pictures or photo shopped ?

syeds said...

Found new idea to build my project.

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