Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Striptease 101" Challenge

First off, thank you to the NEW Sweethearts for joining us rodoula, Lisa H., LISA, Cheryl Kosakura, Michelle, Debbie, Squelly, Jeannine and April.

Yes....We did! LOL
Welcome to Candy Shoppe Designs very 1st Post-Challenge.
"Striptease 101"
Due Date: Monday, September 14, 2009
What's with this Challenge idea you say? Well, believe it or not C.S.D. was thought up with the love I have for Burlesque and Vintage Inspired looks.
Before you get scared away, understand that the history of Burlesque was intended to not only be a little playful and naughty, but also a social commentary and provocative food for thought.
So, when my Lollipop Girl Jennifer Priest presented the idea of having a Challenge where you "strip"....I'll quote her on this...."Paper strips, not that other kind of stripping!"....I thought...."Wait a second!" heeheehee
Needless to say, the idea of this Striptease Challenge went underway soon after that moment. LOL My mind works in mysterious ways sometimes.
Let's face it. We're all "sweet" but may I remind you....we can also be a little "spicy" too! And it says so right under the title! heehee
Lucky you for being here to see the Lollipop Girls of C.S.D. "Strip" in their latest Paper Creations.
I'll start this off with showing you all how I recycled my Fashion Magazine recently.
I'm a BIG Fan of Juicy Couture so when I seen the pretty Perfume Ad in my latest Fashion Magazine I was SO excited! Plus, it worked in my favor because the ad included the colors I was to use for this Challenge.
I tore it out and started cutting the strips when I noticed that it said "SMELL ME." Being that it was a Perfume Ad I knew I was in for a treat!
I made sure to cut around the letters and have them show up on my Paper Creation. If you look closely at the photo will be able to see where it says "SMELL ME."
I decided to form the strips into a flower shape. Juicy Couture Perfume Ad....with the words "SMELL ME" the colors I needed....formed into a flower shape....people smell was all just working in my favor so of course I was really stoked. LOL
I then decided to go off the beaten path and create an Altered Item since I knew that Scrapbooking Layouts always seem to have priority and I created what I like to call....the Juicy Couture "Smell Me" Keepsake Box. And what an inexpensive item this is to make. The box came from Walmart for less than $2 I believe. Then, I painted the edges the paper couldn't cover with Making Memories Paint. Only 2 Scrapbooking Papers, 2 Flowers, 2 Trims and 2 Golden-Tone Buttons were used in the making of this....
By: Lynnette Davis a.k.a. Cherry Lolita
Coincidence? I'm thinking "great minds think alike" because this is 1 out of 2 Lollipop Girls who used this Making Memories Patterned Paper for this Challenge.
Don't you just love how bright and "perfect" it is? Can you guess who made it with that little tidbit I threw in there? LOL
Yes! It's one of Rasberry Dazzle's Creations. Prepare yourself, she's going to Dazzle you until you think you can't be dazzled anymore!
I like how she rotated the paper. I have this same paper and I see the design is actually supposed to be going down the page. I love how she positioned it though. It worked out pretty nicely with her design.
I'm also loving the basket weave effect and how she left the golden tone very subtle. You can see it in the brads acting as flower centers.
This layout is of her brothers girlfriend and how perfect is the title "Be You"? She claimed his girlfriend fit right in with their family and she made this layout for her to remind her to always be herself. How sweet of you Rasberry Dazzle!
By: Sandy Polette a.k.a. Rasberry Dazzle
And this would be 2 of the 2. LOL Candy Apple Red shown here with her bff of 22 years decided to use the same Making Memories Patterned Paper as Rasberry Dazzle, unknowingly of course.
As you can see here she decided to cut the edges off hers and use it right side up and tear into it and distress it and layer it. Wow! You did a lot with that paper! LOL
I love her little lace up detail and the way she added a little touch of lace behind that tear she made. And I'm a girl so of course I love all that bling in the flower centers and that butterfly!
"Forever Friends"....I love this layout! And to think, she almost had a hissy fit with the color scheme. It just wasn't what she was used to using on her layouts. Now, it looks to me like she totally rocked it! What do you think?
By: Jenny Brannies a.k.a. Candy Apple Red
It's funny how people are inspired by something and then suddenly it all just comes my "SMELL ME" Box. Twisted Soda Pop was inspired by her Glasses. She didn't have to wear them before but this year she just couldn't see far anymore. So, after she was finished taking self portraits of herself she looked at the photos and noticed that the "Focus" was on them. Then, Voila....The title was born! "FOCUS on what is important in life."

By: Michelle Jacknicke a.k.a. Twisted Soda Pop
Did I not tell you that Sour Puss LOVES cats? I have a feeling you will be getting to see a lot more of her cat because apparently "Cats Rule!"
Sour Puss, Sour Puss, Sour Puss....What am I going to do with her? She tells me....The minute she received the "Striptease" Challenge email and read just the title of it she was like "YEEHAW!" heehee
But then she read a little more and realized it wasn't what she thought. She said...."But okay, that's fun too!" LOL
I just love her!
Here's her take to the Challenge. Instead of using just paper strips she used ribbon strips, bling strips, rub-on strips and pearl strips too! And is that a strip off a tape measurer? Talk about a show off! LOL
By: Elina Koutsouradi a.k.a. Sour Puss
I'm loving the horizontal strips here and what a sweet 3 Generations beach layout! You were LUCKY to get this picture of all 3 of them in quite the same position looking out at the water!
This is Sweettart's son, husband and father-in-law.
By: Jennifer Matott a.k.a. Sweettart
Now after looking at this layout you could only guess how much of a sweet tooth Pink Coffee Bean must have. She actually used her "Box of Chocolates" and the inside lining in the box to create this layout!
Now, I knew women had "a thing" for chocolate....but this out for her! She's this passionate about it obviously. LOL
By: Dr. Annika Prestwich a.k.a. Pink Coffee Bean
Cupcake pulled this layout off by using a picture her mother was also in. Otherwise she risked a too-girly looking layout of her son in Disneyland this summer. Check out all those layered strips! She's got polka dots, stripes, scalloped, etc.! And I love the way you included the date Cupcake!

By: Melissa Ferguson a.k.a. Cupcake
Now, if you aren't too keen on stripping or still aren't sure on how it's done then Butterscotch Scrapper could surely direct you. She does the deed in every which way! LOL
I know, I know! That sounds SO wrong! hehehe But you can't blame me! This was my perfect opportunity to bust on someone! Love you Butterscotch Scrapper! Don't take it the wrong way! No pun intended.
By: Jennifer Priest a.k.a. Butterscotch Scrapper
Yay! Someone besides myself road off from the beaten path. Are you stalking me? hehehe
Orange Passion created a card with uniformed strips going down the side. Good job girl!
By: Jennifer French a.k.a. Orange Passion
Now, we all know this girl can be bad. Very, very bad............................
............................because she's the Owner of Bad Girls Kits. Duh! LOL

For that reason alone, you KNOW she knows what's she's doing. hehehe
Someone stop me! LOL

Wendy Rago rocked this Challenge and we are all just having SO much fun!!! By: Guest Designer-Wendy Rago OWNER of Bad Girls Kits

Now, do you want to have some fun along with us? Come on! We don't want you to feel left out. Show us how you strip! We showed you ours, now you show us yours!
Okay, I'm having WAAAY too much fun with this! LOL
The concept of this Challenge is easy! Simply use "strips" of something on your Paper Creations. There's NO LIMIT to what you can use. There are rules though.
For one, you have to include something "gold" in your creation and you will also have to include these colors on the palette somewhere on your
Paper Creation(s) and the "cream" color must be the dominant color.
Notice how I said "Paper Creations"....You do not have to create simply Scrapbooking Layouts. Create any Paper Creation you'd like and as many as you'd like. You should all know the point system (and if you don't then you'll have to check out the ABOUT US page up top). You'll gain 1 point for each submission to this Challenge. It's only fair to you. Be inspired and go for it!
Oh wait! I forgot to tell you what you can gain an extra point for....In case you decide to create a Scrapbooking Layout, here's a sketch you may use for inspiration....
Use this sketch for this Challenge and you can gain an extra point for yourself!

Wondering what the Blog Candy will be for the Winner? Well, just in case you're wondering....
Here's the Blog Candy I'm going to reward to 1 Lucky Sweetheart of this specific Challenge.

So, show us what you got and start stripping ladies! Wait a minute! Hold up! Put your shirts back down! You know what I mean! :wink:



Unknown said...

Wow! Totally inspired now! Can wait to get stripping! LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow, awesome stuff DT! :)

Jenny B in Indy said...

I thoroughly enjoyed "stripping" with you, ladies. Way to go, love all your work!
Can't wait to try that sketch.. LOVE IT!!!!

Jenna Ruth said...

Wow! Can't wiat to work on this challenge!!! Love the sketch too!! said...

This looks like SO MUCH FUN! Can't wait to do this challenge!!!!

Roberta Gollino said...

Hello Girls!

Here I am to apply my participation. Had lots of fun doing it! Thanks for inpiration!


Lita said...

strip away girls. I can't wait to see what you come up with. This was sure a fun challenge and I could hardly wait to see the LO's the artists produced. (hearts)

Candy Shoppe Designs said...

Wow! I just posted this Challenge a few hours ago and already there is a submission. And an AWESOME Submission I might add. I can almost FEEL the pain the Designer exudes! LOVE your take Roberta! I had to post here to comment because I don't have a SIS account.

Candy Shoppe Designs said...
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DrAnnika said...

My oh MY look at all the goodies and amazing layouts!! I love it!!!!

I had to do some soul searching before I got going, but when I thought of the chocolate I KNEW it was perfect :D *grins*

Sandy said...

Wow!!! Awesome work on the layouts girls and love your perfume sample box Lynnette! :) Roberta, your layout is just beautiful! It speaks to it! I can't wait to see what the other sweethearts come up with!

Raspberry Dazzle

Keely Livings said...

Very COOL! I'm off to get my strip on!

Jennifer said...

Fabulous creations be all! Love them!

Jennifer Priest said...

Good luck on the challenge everyone!! And great samples DT--love the perfume box idea!!! Yeah, this is the only way I'd ever "strip" ;)

Okispice said...

I'd love to play. I did not use the sketch, but I'm sure I've got all the colors!

elina said...

Hmmmm I see all of you ladies are ready to STRIP!! LOL!!!
Can't wait to see what you'll make of it!!

Jennifer Matott (Sigmagirl) said...

LOVE everyone's different take on this challenge and can't wait to see all of your stripteases... Ya, that does sound wrong, but fun!


Monique Liedtke said...

Love how all your creations turned out!! Here's mine, hope you'll like it too!!

Thanks for the challenge!!

Anonymous said...

Love your page Roberta!

" M " said...

Absolutely kinky ladies , Im off to go strip so see ya!

" M " said...

Absolutely kinky! Im off to go strip ladies ! catcha later : P

Jenna Ruth said...

Here's my strip:)

Mazlina said...

I started stripping straight away.. such an exciting challenge!! :))

here is my take..

chris a said...

So I stripped and I followed all the "guidelines!" - the sketch, the colors, the gold, the stripping, and my layout is in this blog posting (just scroll down - it's the 2nd layout)

Anonymous said...

I did it! Check it out om my blog

Jona Panesa said...

awesome projects and would loved to strip with you girls.

kate blue said...

gold sketch strip-done!

this was a hard challenge because of the colors-but...I needed it! hope my link works correctly!


Olga said...

I got mine uploaded today too. I struggled with the color combo at first but the sketch made it easier to finish the page. It's the last picture on this post:
Here's a direct link to just the picture

Nikki Love said...

Uploaded mine to my blog today:

Had a ball making it! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Kelly said...

I hope I am not too late!! I LOVED this challenge. Looking forward to the next ones!!! I've kept the sketch for future reference too. so beautiful.
My entry is here

xxx said...

I'm done, I'm done! I squeaked in at the last minute :S

I guess I am just being fashionably late :)

Merrilee said...

I love this challenge and the sketch was fantastic.

Jona Panesa said...

I am stripping with you. Hope I'm not too late. I did strip journaling.

thanks for the challenge.

Miss Jaster said...

Here's my page. I used the sketch too- just turned it sideways first. :)

Kelsey-Old Account said...

I just did a couple of real simple cards in the last 45 minutes to get in on this:

Thanks for the fun challenge! Love the colors!

Calie said...

Was finally able to get some craft time and was so glad to find the inspiration here! Beautiful work!
Here's my take!

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