Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Big Ego Challenge

Big Ego Challenge
Due Date - 11 November

Our Lollipop Girl, Rasberry Dazzle, inspired us to throw this fun Challenge.

Rules are:
-That you must create a Paper Creation (it doesn't have to be a layout) about yourself
-Use little icons that define you (or ones that you simply like)
-Choose a title that exudes confidence (it can be a quote if you wish)

Here are examples from the Lollipop Girl Design Team....

"I have a BIG Ego!" by Lynnette Davis least on my good days I can say I do. I actually get the Delia*s magazine in the mail and used t-shirt icons they had in the magazine. I LUV these cute shirts and would buy them all if I could. My favorite is the green one with the #2 pencil. He's scribbling away saying "I wanna be number 1!!!" LOL I remember telling my husband the same thing before we were married. I knew I deserved to be treated as someones #1 and he really makes me feel like I am. "An Iconic Story" by Sandra Polette

Notice how the icons on Sandy's layout become instant Eye Candy? She went to and did a main search for "icons" to get these. You can even be more specific and type in "cupcake icons" if you fancy. She was a real inspiration to us! "Back 2 Square 1" by Michelle Jacknicke

Michelle had a really fun time putting her life into icons. It was something she had never done before and in order to keep it all in line she had to leave out so many icons that she liked. Don't you just love her title? So fitting! "I Wanna Rawk The World" by Elina Koutsouradi

"Yes, this is what I wanna do… I wanna rawk everybody’s world, with my mind, my presence, my humor and my scrapbooking!! I picked funny icons in black and white to show that I am too sexy even for his squarepants!!"
xo Elina "Recipe Of Me" by Melissa Ferguson
Now how clever is this?! Melissa created a Mini Book out of Recipe Cards. She picked them up at Michael's for $1.50. Talk about thrifty. This is just AWESOME! It makes a perfect little coffee table book and it's filled with all her favorites from TV Shows to Music. "It's All About Me!" by Dr. Annika Prestwich

Journaling reads: I have a lot of things I crave....expensive handbags, chocolate Starbucks coffee, fast cars, nice scrapping things and on top of all of this I crave and need success and a career! Generally, it's all about me!
xo Annika
"Bold As Love" by Jennifer Matott
"I found lots of icons that were the color red and thought it would be perfect to illustrate the song lyrics from one of my favorite John Mayer songs "Bold As Love." What color is more confident than red?"
xo Jen

"Bad Ass Bitch" by our Guest Designer Ally Serrato

She surely is but I'm just wondering where the other 2 angels are....Charlies Angels that is. ;)

The Lollipop Girls will vote for the WINNER and she will have a chance to win this Tinkering Ink Blog Candy!!! Blog Candy donated by Jill from Memorable Seasons. Make sure to check out Memorable Seasons for all your latest needs when it comes to capturing the seasons of life. Please post this Blog Candy on the sidebar of your blogs to help C.S.D. reach 200 Sweethearts.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sweetheart Winners

Is everyone ready for Halloween yet? I finally am. My boys are going to be Star Wars Characters this year and my oldest daughter will be a China Doll and my youngest a Scarecrow....a cute scarecrow with pigtails and all. Perhaps she can wear the costume during Thanksgiving too! :) What are you and/or your kids dressing up as this year? Whatever it is you will become I hope you all have a wonderful time trick-or-treating!

FYI-I extended the deadline for the
"Watch Your Language!" Challenge and if there are anymore of you that want to participate you have until Midnight on Halloween (est) to link up your creations.

On to the WINNERS List....

For the "Make Your Own Patterned Paper" Sweet Tooth Challenge our Winner is Deanne K. Her craftiness came out in the card she created out of a bunch of paper flowers and the Lollipop Girls thought it came out fab. Don't you?

For the "Envelope Bookmarks" Sweet Tooth Challenge the Lollipop Girls voted and our Winner is Chris. The Lollipop Girls loved the edge you gave to your bookmark and thought it was grand!
As for the "Think Pink" Sweet Tooth Challenge we have a Winner and a couple of Honorable Mentions. First off is our Winner and that is none other than Gina. She showed us that she is an advocate and the Lollipop Girls thought her layout was perfect.

The Honorable Mentions are....Heidi and....

Deanne K with their very clever uses of Pink Ribbon. Job Well Done Ladies!!!!

Thank you to all who participated in our Challenges and stay tuned tomorrow for the newest Challenge we have for you all.

Winners can get the Contact Info. from the Contact Us tab in the Menu Bar at the top of the blog to claim their prizes. Thank you!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blue Moon Scrapbooking

Hi Sweethearts! I'm going to extend the WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE Challenge in case there are anymore entries. The NEW due date will be Halloween. Tomorrow I will be announcing the WINNERS for a few of the past Challenges that have ended so make sure to stay tuned. I also wanted to give you all a heads up about some fabulous giveaways over at one of our Sponsors blogs. My bestfriend, Lisa Shaw, the owner of Blue Moon Scrapbooking has so many awesome things to giveaway. Go on over and check it out!

Friday, October 16, 2009

"Watch your language young lady!"

Hey Sweethearts! Sorry for the delay in Challenges/Tutorials. We are off track due to computer issues I am having (and my computer is only 6 months old) so this really sucks! LOL Anyhow, I am not able to upload any photos of mine to my computer at this time but I'd still like to share with you all what the Lollipop Girls created and to continue with all the fun there is to be had. I'll be playing along at home and will include my own creations in the Eye Candy Gallery to share with you all once my computer gets fixed. Maybe I'll even bug my neighbor to use their computer to upload some pics. LOL No....Seriously thinking here....I'll knock on their door tomorrow. hehehe

Here is our Fashionably Geek Challenge Winner, our new Challenge info. and our Newest Sponsor for you to check out....
You all came clean and admitted how geeky you all can be and trust me...we believed you! LOL The Lollipop Girls voted and finnabair came in 1st Place with her gorgeous "PURE" layout. Those puppy dog ears were too cute and we loved the way you used negative space in your creation. Plus, the overall design is just too awesome for words!!! Thank you for participating here at C.S.D. and for continuing to share your fabulous work with us. Congratulations on your win again!!! We hope you enjoy the fantastic vinyl rub-ons from E.A.D. Designs. Check out her layout and thank you to everyone for playing!
We're not the AVERAGE Paper Crafting Challenge Blog and we're going to prove it, yet again! The newest Challenge here at C.S.D. is....
"Watch Your Language!"

This "Watch Your Language!" Challenge will change your whole outlook on Paper Crafting, I assure you!
Just how so? Well, I'm going to have you all dig deep down and let her out. We're all women, I want to hear some roaring!

"WTF!" "OMG!" We're all a little guilty and have let it slip, most of the time without even realizing it. I know I have with all these damn computer problems lately. LOL So, what's wrong with putting it down on paper? Nothing! Bad words exist.

I'm going to start you off with a little test to see where you are all at "mind-wise" for this.

I'm thinking of a word that starts with F- and ends in -UCK. There are two obvious answers to this. For those of you who thought of a "Fire-Truck" we have a little bit of preparing to do. But if I'm right, the larger percentage of you thought of a different answer. Now am I right or am I right?

Yes, this may be a little iffy BUT....yes, the BIG BUT....that is what a "challenge" is all about! Are you up for it? If so, challenge yourself and think up something you can create in this Paper Crafting realm and use those naughty words!

Keep in mind that you don't need to over-do it. You can use the word "a$$" or "I3!tch" or the s-word, b-word or any other x-word for that matter without sounding too hostile.

If you have little ones and need to be appropriate for their sake feel free to use "symbols" or the word "beep" in place of the bad word. Use your imagination and go away at it! Most of all....have FUN!

Along with any challenge you have your rules and here are your DO's and your DONT'S....
Our Sketch Artist, Anam Stubbington, has created this Exclusive Sketch for us here at C.S.D. However, you DON'T need to use it if you have something else in mind.

You DO need to include at least 1 cuss word (or your substitute).

You DON'T need to create a Scrapbooking Layout, any Paper Creation will do.

You DO need to make sure it's linked up with Mr. Linky with "Watch Your Language!" as your post title so that it's easier for the Lollipop Girls to locate it when voting.

You DON'T need to play specifically for the prize if your here just for fun but keep in mind that the winner will be responsible for their own s&h.

You DO need to make sure your Paper Creation is linked up by the DUE DATE which is: Monday, October 26, 2009 if you are playing for the Blog Candy. Otherwise, feel free to share your creations anytime and we may just add it to the Eye Candy gallery at some point.

To get you motivated this is what the Lollipop Girls and our Guest Designer, Ally Serrato, have come up with....

Now, some of you may be aware that our Lollipop Girl, Michelle Jacknicke a.k.a. Twistedsoda Pop, lost her job recently. A job she held down for 10 years. Well, the whole experience helped her create this work of art titled....

"Shit Happens!"Meanwhile, at home....more specifically, in her Laundry Room at home....Our Lollipop Girl Jennifer French a.k.a. Orange Passion was having problems with her dryer. Therefore, she was forced to hang her clothes to dry (for 2 months straight I must add). Talk about laundry being your least favorite chore...try adding on "hanging clothes to dry" instead of having the luxury to use a dryer. LOL All of this because she thought that her dryer was broken. Little did she know, after her father came by and spent many frustrating hours taking apart the dryer he finally discovered that the dryer was set to "AIR FLUFF." After the embarrassment wore off from her forgetting to turn the dial back she came up with this.... In another household our Lollipop Girl, Jennifer Matott a.k.a. Sweettart, is pulling her hairs out and screaming at the top of her lungs (having one of them bad days) and wishing that everyone could just leave her the F#*! alone!.... UH-OH! Our Lollipop Girl, Jennifer Priest a.k.a. Butterscotch Scrapper, must wash her little boy off from his mud bath. I could only imagine the mess girlfriend! You turn your back for what seems like only a minute and come back to this.... Our other Lollipop Girl, Melissa Ferguson a.k.a. Cupcake is appauled by this challenge and will speak no evil, hear no evil or see no evil....j/k.... Across the ocean and far, far away our Lollipop Girl, Dr. Annika Prestwich a.k.a. Pink Coffee Bean is compiling a list of bad words in another language and using it for self therapy against some of her mean ol' patients and creating this here mini book (please view her blog to view the inside pages)....
Farther away than that is our Greek Goddess/Lollipop Girl, Elina Koutsouradi a.k.a. Sour Puss, who as you know is a cat lover but she does have a bitch as well....
Closer to home we have our other Lollipop Girl, Jenny Brannies a.k.a. Candy Apple Red, along with her son trailing behind her mocking her every word....

"God Damnit!" Then, there is our Lollipop Girl, Sandra Polette a.k.a. Razberry Dazzle, who shows us how she gets dressed up on Halloween....
Last but not least is our Special Guest Designer, Ally Serrato, who hits up concerts likes there's no tomorrow and gets up close and personal with Brittney Spears behind....let's hope it was just her seat that gave her all these back shots. LOL.... The WINNER of this challenge will be voted for by the Lollipop Girls of C.S.D. and announced on the blog on Wednesday, October 28, 2009. The WINNER will win a 309 Piece Collection Kit by Sassafras Lass called "Starry Night" from the Life is Beautiful Line.
The Kit Includes:
Acid & Lignin Free
80# Cover Heavyweight Scrapbook Paper - True 12"x12" Size
12 - 12x12 Sheets of Heavyweight Double Sided Scrapbook Paper
1 - 12x12 Sheet of Die-Cut Monograms (38 pieces)
1 - 12x12 Sheet of Die-Cut Journal Tags and Trims (16 pieces)
1 - 12x12 Sheet of Cardstock Alphabet Stickers (243 pieces)

Our Wonderful SPONSOR for this Challenge is Jill Coody, owner of Memorable Seasons. Be sure to check them out for all your latest needs when it comes to capturing the seasons of life. Sign up for her Newsletter to keep up with all the sales and promotions she's got going on, participate on her Forums and join in the fun challenges she hosts on the Memorable Seasons BLOG for even more fun. You'll be SO glad you did!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


October is here and so is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So wherever you are, whatever your doing....go to 2nd base on yourself and feel your boobies!

Today we have some "Tasty Tips" from our Guest Designer Lisa Whiteing. Lisa Whiteing lives in London but is originally from North Dakota. Please click on her name to get to know more about her.
Here are some of her clever "Tasty Tips" she wanted to share with you all....
-Use the mesh from your onion/garlic bags to create the "net" on your beachy Paper Creations.
-Pound your bottle caps flat to use for flower centers. Jones Soda works great as there is a fortune printed in each one.
-Create clear embellishments from your plastic packaging using stamps, staz on and slickwriters.
-Create texture on your Paper Creations with paint and various household things like toy cars, bubble wrap, your poofy bath scrubs, and your kids shoes (my daughter had the cutest Elmo and Zoe shoes and they had fun soles).
-Also, use your chipboard waste as a frame like I did here.....
Makes you think twice about throwing stuff out doesn't it? I love re-using stuff you never imagined possible before. Thank you so much for sharing those "Tasty Tips" with us Lisa! Anyone else have some of their own "Tasty Tips" that you'd like to share? Go ahead and link them up with Mr. Linky and let us here your ideas!
Since it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month I felt it only right to host a Challenge using PINK RIBBON on your Paper Creations to show your support for all the women fighting against Breast Cancer. For this Challenge we're being Sponsored by Tessa Buys from Precocious Paper. Embellish and chronicle your memories with Precocious Paper. From fabric to lace, recycled cardboard to crimped cardstock, and chipboard to buttons, Precocious Paper offers over 100 embellishments for your scrapbooking and crafting needs. Many embellishments can be taken off the page as brooches or hair clips too! For the scrapbook lover who doesn't scrap herself, Precocious Paper also offers mini albums and paper bag albums.

Mention C.S.D. when you shop at Precocious Paper between October 1-8 and receive 10% off your goodies! (She'll refund the difference within 24 hours after payment). 1 Lucky Sweetheart will win this PINK Blog Candy Package from Tessa's Etsy Shop. You may play along for FUN, but if your participating in hopes of winning this Blog Candy please post the Blog Candy from our Sponsor on your Blog for an even better chance at winning.

Enter as many Paper Creations as you'd like for this....


Due Date: 19 October

Leave a comment and link up your entry with Mr. Linky! Thanks for playing!


Before I let you get away to creating I can't forget to announce our "Special" Guest Designer this month. You may have seen her around busting out some serious ninja moves since she's one of the Founders over at The Pink Ninja's Challenge Blog. Ally Serrato is her name and Ninja Fighting is her game!

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