Sunday, October 31, 2010

Come see the NEW Lollipop Girls!

I am pleased to announce that the NEW 5 Lollipop Girls have been chosen and I know that you all will be inspired by them in the months to come.

Let me introduce to you.....

Kristin Powell a.k.a. Pumpkin Sue
Kristin has a HORRIBLE potty mouth.  She likes to listen to Christmas music year round.  She hits the snooze button at least 5 times.  She forgets to brush her hair.  A lot.  She owns at least 30 garden gnomes.  And she loves really big (hairy) sideburns on a man.  Somewhat disturbing, I know.

Maureen Kao a.k.a. Lil' Mint Mocha
Mo loves the fact that as an adult, she can eat sweets anytime she wants....sometimes, even in the place of a meal.  She grew up in Hawaii but can't swim.  People at work call her "the pocket nurse" because she's so short and tiny.  She's also known as "Mighty Mo" because she's tougher than she looks.  She loves to read trashy romance novels.  She's always smiling.  She's optimistic by nature.  And she's very random and spur of the moment impulsive.       

Kimmy Jaster a.k.a. Foreign Chocolate Correspondent
Kimmy didn't learn to tie her shoes until she was 12.  She owns over 15 pairs of Converse shoes, all in different colors.  She reads several books at once.  She can't grow plants to save her life, she looks at them and they die.  She can't have cereal with the milk in it.  She drinks her milk on the side.  She hardly ever wears matching socks.  She owns about 6 umbrellas, purely for the fact that she loves them.  She lives in Arizona.  It hardly rains there.

Jeanette Almgren a.k.a. Lush Liquorice

Tettiz is extremely lazy and could spend whole evenings on the sofa watching television.  She loves to bake even though she's on a diet.  She just has her husband and daughter eat what she makes.  She's afraid of snakes.  She's obsessive about the kitchen in her house.  If the rest of the house is a mess, the kitchen's almost always clean.  She was named Jeanette because she was her father's (Jan) first child (one = ett in Swedish).  She teaches English and Swedish in H.S.  She loves the color yellow and her new yellow beetle says RAW on the license plate.  That rocks!     


Tajanee White a.k.a. Suga Plum
Taj is an island girl (from Jamaica).  She recently tried sushi and is now hooked.  She doesn't like chocolate.  She's a neat freak.  Her cell phone is a piece of crap.  She's not a morning person.  She needs at least 10 minutes to herself.  She loves wearing ponytails.  And she loves to scrap about herself. :-)

Monday, October 25, 2010


This week's challenge that we bring to you is called "NUMBERS."

You are to use this sketch above by our Design Team Member, Snap Crackle Pop a.k.a. Amy Oxford and you are to use a whole 'lotta numbers in your creations.

STICK TWO-GETHER by KitKat a.k.a. Kate Blue

THIS IS WHAT 2 LOOKS LIKE by Pop Rocks a.k.a. Dana Tatar

MY GOAL 4.00 by Pink Coffee Bean a.k.a. Annika Prestwich

You'll have until this Sunday, October 31st (Halloween) to submit your creations.

To submit your creations to this challenge make sure you are a Sweetheart of C.S.D. (Follower). Also, make sure you are rocking out the the C.S.D. Link Badge on your blogs in a visible area with a working link leading back to C.S.D. You HAVE TO make sure to mention our wonderful sponsor BlueMoonScrapbooking in your blog posting with your creations. And please make sure you leave the DIRECT LINK in the comments section under this post so that we may find it easily to leave love and vote on it.

Here's the wonderful prize from BlueMoonScrapbooking and this challenge is your LAST CHANCE to WIN IT!

Prize winners for all of our October challenges will be announced on Monday, 1 November along with our newest Lollipop Girl Design Team Members.

Monday, October 18, 2010


by Kate Blue a.k.a. KitKat

JEANETTE by Annika Prestwich a.k.a. Pink Coffee Bean


by Amy Oxford a.k.a. Snap Crackle Pop

The Lollipop Girls went to town with this challenge using so many different fake (or faux) techniques. Notice the distressing jobs: torn and scraped edges, wrinkles, digital and hybrid elements, etc. And check this....Amy actually hand painted her paper to give it that wood grain look. How cool is that?


This weeks challenge is called "PLASTIC." The Lollipop Girls wanna see how FAKE you can be. If you have a boob job, that's great! BUT.... we're really looking more along the lines of faux techniques you have up your sleeves.

You know, such as faux stitching, distressing, hybrid, etc.

For this challenge WE WANNA SEE....
....YOU become a "Sweetheart of C.S.D." by pressing on that FOLLOW button once and for all.
....YOU rock our LINK BADGE on your blog with a working link leading back to us.
....YOU blog about Candy Shoppe Designs AND our October Sponsor BlueMoonScrapbooking in a NEW posting and share this PLASTIC challenge with your readers.
....How fake (or faux) you can be. So, leave a comment and DIRECT LINK in the comment section of this post.

This challenge is due by this Sunday, October 24. So HURRY!

By participating you could win this fabulous prize being sponsored by BlueMoonScrapbooking. Don't forget to pay our sponsor a visit!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Since I did a little dissapearing act back in July, we never did get around to mentioning the winner for our JUNE challenges. So, here we go......

The WINNER for all of JUNE will be getting this "Good Times" kit from our June sponsor Color Me Miki. The WINNING LO is this one:
by MO

Not only did she WOW the judges with how she implemented the Razberry Dazzle color scheme into her layout but she also amazed them at how much of a C.S.D. Sweetheart she truly is. She's rocking the C.S.D. Link Badge, she made sure to leave a working C.S.D. link in her blog posting and she didn't forget to mention our June sponsor. All power to you Mo!

Here are our HONORABLE MENTIONS for June: by Sarah Webb

The Lollipop Girls adored your BIRTHDAY layout and were SO pleased that you decided to play along with one of our challenges. BTW, your curled ribbon effect is smashing!

by Lesley Langdon

by Lesley Langdon

The Lollipop Girls thought your work was extremely gorgeous and was excited that you played along twice. They loved your take to the CUPCAKE challenge and how you went all out with your second creation for our DO WHAT YOU FEEL NOW challenge. Impeccable work!

by Kimmy

Although this wickedly cute card wasn't created in the knick of time, we were so happy to see you had linked it up anyway. You were inspired to create something and that's all that matters really. Awesome work!

That's it for today Sweethearts. Please remember to rock our link badge on your blogs with a working link leading back to us. The Lollipop Girls LOVE to see that when they view your creations for our challenges.

Please view our current challenge MAKEUP 2 BREAKUP and participate. I've extended the due date a little for you.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Makeup 2 Breakup DUE DATE EXTENDED!!!

BROKEN by Dana Tatar a.k.a. Pop Rocks

Dana broke the mirror from a case of old eyeshadow. Her journaling is from the song "Broken" and reads: "I'm broken when I'm open and I don't feel like I'm strong enough cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome and I don't feel right when you're gone away."

BROKENby Amy Oxford a.k.a. Snap Crackle Pop
In Amy's words: This LO is based off of Lindsey Haun's song 'Broken'. The lyrics fit with what and how my daughter has been feeling lately. She is at that age and experiencing growing pains. She's emotional and confused. I used the lyric: "When you're broken in a million little pieces, and you're trying but you can't hold on. Every tear falls down for a reason. Don't stop believing in yourself when you're broken."
To represent the broken aspect of the challenge I broke glass and placed it over her picture. To do this I used clear contact paper and placed the pieces onto that as to secure them over the picture. I used broken cardboard, and ripped tissue paper. I also broke up the title.

WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? by Annika Prestwich a.k.a. Pink Coffee Bean

In Annika's words: I loves this challenge. I get to play with things and break them, all a part of the Grand Plan! *love it*
I was inspired by the colours in the picture, and the ribbon-y flower in the girl's hair. I took some embellishments from Pink Paislee and cut them up and made a new flower with them, as well as some green bits resembling leaves.

SOMEDAY I WILL LAUGH ABOUT THIS by Christina Aiton a.k.a. Lemon Zinger
In Chris' words: The photo is of our dining room after we were hit dead on by Hurricane Frances in Sept 2004 - we were hit again 3 weeks later dead on by Hurricane Jeanne and had even more damage. Our house was gutted and totally redone while we lived for 6 months in a small trailer parked by our house. We actually do laugh about it now!

MY LITTLE STAR by Myia Manghum a.k.a. Brown Sugar

Myia simply broke up her title.

LOOKING THROUGH MY LENS by Mindy Miller a.k.a. Lemon Drop

In Mindy's words: I've been saving this circular piece of wood veneer for just the right layout. I placed it under my title to emulate a lens and then used the piece I split off the right on the opposite side of the layout.

BRIDESMAIDS Ally Serrato a.k.a. Sour Patch Chick
In Ally's words: obviously, ive busted out some older photos,,, just for fun!!!

THE CASTLE OF GRADARA Guest Designer - Ilaria Gianquinto

Illy's broken elements are torn paper and a tag torn into 3 parts.

CHALLENGE DUE OCTOBER 17For this challenge all of you have to do is:

1. Use this photo above as inspiration and also a broken element or two in your creation. This broken element can be anything that is not fully intact.....a torn patterned paper, a broken embellishment.....whatever your clever mind can think up.

2. Become a Sweetheart of C.S.D. by pressing on the FOLLOW button.

3. Rock our LINK BADGE on your blog with a working link leading back to us.

Don't forget to link Candy Shoppe Designs in a new posting on your blog to share this challenge with your readers.

5. And of course you'll want us to see it so make sure you leave a DIRECT LINK to your creation via Mister Linky by the due date.


I've got GOOD NEWS & I've got BAD NEWS.....

BAD NEWS is that Audrey Yeager a.k.a. Chocolate Pretzel will also be stepping down from her position here at C.S.D. this next term.
GOOD NEWS is there is a 5th spot now open for another potential Lollipop Girl on the team.
Check out the newest Design Team Call HERE and stay tuned for our newest challenge.

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