Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Double Dose December Challenge

We Lollipop Girls have done something a little differently this month as we know that it's a very busy season. As you know, we usually host 2 seperate challenges each month. This month we are hosting them together and giving you till Thursday, December 31st to turn them in.

2 challenges = 2 winners and 2 winners = 2 Blog Candies. You will have the option of doing 1 or 2 of the challenges this month. If you do both it simply gives you a better chance at winning one of the Blog Candies.

Blog Candy #1 is a $20 Gift Certificate to is a family owned online scrapbook shop dedicated to offering the best new releases in the industry along with personalized customer service. also features great pre-order sales as well as StopandScrap Rewards, a frequent shopper program offering up to 10% of your money back in store credit! New customers can also get a 5% off coupon by signing up for their mailing list.

Blog Candy #2 is a Gift Package from BlueMoon Scrapbooking which includes American Crafts Thickers, Prima Fabric Flowers and Autumn Leaves Clear Stamps amongst some other delicious yumminess.

BlueMoon Scrapbooking is a wonderful place to go shopping and I happen to be a Design Team Member there and know first hand how wonderful the service is. BlueMoon Scrapbooking showcases the BEST Scrapbooking Supplies from Basic Grey to 7Gypsies and they also provide cool videos showcasing their product and different ways you can use them. It's sure to spark some creativeness in ya! Be sure to check them out!

Before you view the Design Team's creations this month I'd like to introduce you to our newest Special Guest Designer Anna Dabrowska-Pekocka. She is an extremely talented sweetheart from Poland and I am SO delighted to have her Guest for us. Everything she does is just AWE-Inspiring!

Challenge #1 is to take as many things from this list as you can and incorporate it somehow in a NEW paper creation.
1. blue
2. white
3. silver
4. tree's/branches
5. snowflakes
6. script writing/music sheet notes
7. pearl(s)
8. diamond(s)
9. beige
10. feather(s)

Here's what our Special Guest Designer and Lollipop Girls did.....

By Anna Dabrowska-Pekocka

By Annika Prestwich

By Elina Koutsouradi

By Jennifer French

By Melissa Ferguson

By Jenny Brannies

For Challenge #2 I have attached a Photo Collage (below). Take from it what you will and create whatever it is you are inspired to create.

Here's what the Lollipop Girls got inspired to create.....

By Jenny Brannies

By Melissa Ferguson


Altered Frap Bottles By Sandy Polette

Remember, you have until Thursday, December 31st to turn in your submissions for 1 or 2 of the Challenges above for a chance to win 1 of the 2 Blog Candies this month being sponsored by and BlueMoon Scrapbooking. Mention the sponsors and this Double Dose Challenge on your blogs and get an even better chance at winning!

Happy Holidays from the Lollipop Girls!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TODAY is the day!!!

For those of you who have applied to be on the Lollipop Girl DT keep a look out today as I will be contacting the accepted applicants. There are 6 OPEN spots to fill and I am looking for that WOW factor. For those of you who don't make it this time around, don't give up! Play along to our challenges and show us that you are Lollipop Girl material and apply for next term. Thank you to all who took the time to apply. I truly appreciate your interest. Check back for the DECEMBER Challenges. We have a BIG surprise in store for you!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This post will remain at top until the DT Call is over on 12 December. Please see posts below for updated challenges and info.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Lollipop Girl for C.S.D.???

Candy Shoppe Designs is holding a Design Team Call for the January-April 2010 Term. C.S.D. is looking for unique individuals to help keep the blog a fun place for people to keep coming back to. This call is for individuals who want to share their awesome talent, give people something to talk about and inspire others.

Lollipop Girls are expected to:
-show dedication to their position as a DT member for C.S.D., as they will be held responsible for 9 NEW layouts during their 4 month term (between January-April 2010).
-be punctual!
-become a "Sweetheart" (Follower) of the C.S.D. Blog and show their presence by leaving comments. What's a "team" without Team Spirit?
-promote C.S.D. wherever possible.
-show off the C.S.D. Link Badge and Lollipop Girl Blinkie in Blogs/Forums where it's OK to.

As a DT member you will be allowed bragging rights of being a "Lollipop Girl for C.S.D." You will have your picture and fun facts about you on the C.S.D. Blog along with a link leading back to your own personal blog (if you have one). You will have your bi-weekly creations featured on C.S.D. to give our Sweethearts some inspiration. You'll have the first opportunity to contribute ideas about topics we should cover and/or challenges we should host. You can include the DT position on your scrapbooking resume and at the end of your successful 4-month term you will be sent a "Goodie Box" filled with products from our Sponsors as a big thank you for your time and commitment with C.S.D. (This current term ALL Sponsors gave something to the Lollipop Girls).

***Applicants should take all Lollipop Girl Requirements listed above into consideration before applying for the position.***

To apply please submit:
-Your full name, nickname, address, telephone number, email, blog link (if you have one), as well as links to other online forums you take part in regularly (incl. your user names for each).
-Info. of any DT's that you are currently on or have been a part of in the past. Experience is not a requirement for this position.

-Info. of any published work. Again, not a requirement.
-A total of 3 of your favorite layouts that best represents your scrapbooking style.
-2 other projects that you are proud of. It can be cards, altered items, mini books, and even additional layouts, etc.

-21 Random Fun Facts About You.
-A headshot.
-A short & sweet BUT detailed essay as to why you feel you would be an asset to the C.S.D. DT. (Do you design sketches? Do you have a knack for certain areas? Do you know of any possible sponsors? Let me know!)
-Be sure to also include a detailed idea for a challenge to possibly host on the blog. Be sure to include pictures (if any). I want to see how unique you can get!

Send all information to:
Lynnette Davis at with "I wanna be a Lollipop Girl for C.S.D." in the subject line. Due date for entries will be 12 December. Designers chosen to be the Lollipop Girls for C.S.D. will be informed by 15 December via email.


Dear Lollipop Girls and Sweethearts of C.S.D.,
I am still in the process of moving and should be all settled in by this weekend. Things didn't work out with the housing arrangements on the Fort Hood installation. I assumed things were going to be bigger here since it's Texas and all but that wasn't the case. We didn't like the house they offered us on post. Therefore we had to spend some time in hotels and find a place off-post to live.

Good news is we finally found a place that we all love and are looking to get settled in after the electricity and water gets turned on in the next couple of days and the movers come with our stuff on Friday.

Bad news....there is's actually more GOOD NEWS. The due date for "The BOLD & The Beautiful Challenge" has been extended till this Saturday, December 12. This means that you have until then to turn in your take to the challenge to try to WIN your choice of apron from BOOJIBOO!

Please scroll down to view the challenge and Good Luck!

Lynnette Davis

Monday, November 23, 2009

The BOLD & The Beautiful

If I said it once, I said it a thousand times....Okay, maybe I'm over-exaggerating....but have I not said "We Lollipop Girls like to spice things up?" We thought we'd give you a little taste of another Design Team called The Pink Ninja's. Check them out! Their a quirky bunch. We've traded Design Teams with them for 1 challenge. Don't worry! The Lollipop Girls are in the good hands of Ninja Master's Ally and Nely, so their safe and will be back with you all in December! In the meantime, we're going to serve The Pink Ninja DT on a silver platter for you all to enjoy.

The challenge we had them do for us is called The BOLD & The Beautiful and basically all you need to do is mix at least 3 different patterned papers that DO NOT coordinate and make them work together. I mean....3 totally clashing patterns that if put side by side would make you go "Whoa! Don't go there!".....and then we want you to go there! LOLThe main colors for each patterned paper must be pulled from the above color palette (Fuschia, White, Yellow-Orange and Black). You must also create your title or any wording used in BIG & Bold Lettering. Try using just scraps.....I did!

Check out what The Pink Ninja Design Team did for this challenge and then go ahead and try your hand at it! By Lynnette Davis

By Jennifer Priest

By Michelle Jacknicke

By Ally Serrato

By Brandy Myers

By Emily Hammann

By Heidi Myers

By Gloria King

By Christina Rayevich

By Pearl Liu

*I know you see a few of us Lollipop Girls still here and that is because we 3 are on both the C.S.D. DT and The Pink Ninja's DT.

Well, we've hoped that we've inspired you and we would love to see YOUR take to this challenge so go ahead and link up your layouts for us all to enjoy!

By doing so you could WIN a Vintage Styled Apron from our Sponsor BOOJIBOO. Check out the Apron Jennifer Priest scored from them. Just can wear the apron when doing messy scrappy stuff, while making Christmas Dinner or for your hubby (with nothing underneath) as a nice surprise for when he comes home from work. ;) Whatever you decide to use it for, we can be sure you'll look cute doing it!

When we announce who the Winner of this challenge is I'll be showing you all another cute picture of our other Lollipop Girl Michelle Jacknicke wearing the Apron she scored from them.

Boojiboo specializes in vintage styled and retro styled aprons for adults and children. The apron styles are all ORIGINAL Boojiboo designs. They make their own patterns to ensure a perfect fit! Make sure you own the original apron with the sweetheart neckline, flared skirt, and fitted bust! Check them out TODAY to get your very own or get them for a gift for that someone special!

DEADLINE for entries is 12 December.

Sweetheart Winners Announcement

Was New Moon good or what? I know, I know! The books are still better...I plan on re-reading them all before Eclipse comes out next summer to refresh my memory a bit. It's possible by then that I will have re-read the books about a dozen times. LOL

I have a few announcements to make...the first being that I have the newest Sweethearts Winners List. I'll start with the Watch Your Language Challenge.

Some of you showed us your potty mouths and some of you sugar coated it, but all in all the Lollipop Girls and I thought those of you who stood up to this particular challenge had a lot of balls and we give you all much props for participating. There can only be 1 Winner and for this challenge that would be Lora Oliver. Excuse my language but we Lollipop Girls thought her layout kicked a$$! Check it out for yourselves!
For the Big Ego Challenge we think you all proved yourselves righteous but like I said...there can only be 1 Winner and for this particular challenge we Lollipop Girls all agreed that Amy is AWESOME!
For the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob Challenge it was SO hard to choose a Winner. We thought Amy Oxford did AWESOME this round again with her Vampire Chic layout...
and we also thought that Olga had an awesome take to the challenge as well with her Miss Personality layout...
So, we gave them both an HONORABLE MENTION for thier layouts. We gave the Winner title to Mindy Baxter with her Forever card. How cool is this card people?...
What can I say? Real men sparkle! ha! Thank you EVERYONE for playing along to our challenges. We have so much fun looking through all the entries and deciding on the Winners...please keep participating because next time, it could be YOU!

To the Winners...the contact info. to claim your Blog Candy (prizes) is on the menu bar above. Reminder: Anyone can play for fun but if you were playing for the prize the s&h is the Winners responsibility. Thanks for understanding!

I need to tack on additional info. for the Winners and anyone else who may be affected by my absence but I am moving out of state (from Fort Lee, VA to Fort Hood, TX) and after today will have little to no internet access. I'll have a new address by December 8th and should have my internet back up shortly after. So, please have patience until I get back online for answers to any of your questions and what not.

Your next challenge from us will be up later tonight and included is a BIG surprise to show you all just how much we here at C.S.D love to stir things up. Watch out for it!

Last but definately not least is our "Shout-Outs." We want to give a shout-out to Ally Serrato for being our Special Guest Designer in October and Chris Aiton for being our Special Guest Designer for November. We can't wait to share with you all who our Special Guest Designer for December is.

We also want to give a BIG shout out to all of our October and November Sponsors. Without them this challenge blog wouldn't be so rewarding.

E.A.D. Designs

Precocious Paper

Memorable Seasons

Color Me Miki

Check them out and see why we think they are so great and don't forget to check back here tonight to see the latest challenge from us Lollipop Girls.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob Challenge

Okay, it's no secret that I (along with a bunch of the other Lollipop Girls) are Twilight fans. Yes, I really enjoyed reading about the teenage vampires. VERY MUCH I might add. Yes, I can watch the movie over and over again with as much anticipation as I did the very first time I ever watched it. And yes, I plan on buying a bunch of tickets to take my daughter and her friends next week to watch New Moon in the theaters. I figure, my daughter and the rest of her pre-teen friends will make me look a little better if I had to stand in line to watch this movie. Obsessed? Maybe.

Now, even though some of you may not "get it," that's okay. You didn't have to plant your face in the books for this challenge and you didn't even have to see the movie. All you need to know is that Edward is a Vampire and Jacob is a "Werewolf" and they are both in love with the stupid Lamb ~ Bella.

Choose a team to be on ~ Edward's or Jacob's.

Team Edward -
Who's afraid of the BIG Bad Wolf? Not Edward! If you choose to be a Vampire girl than you will need to completly dazzle me. As a Vampire, Edward's skin sparkles in the sunlight. Yes, real men sparkle! So, dig out your bling-bling and use it!

Don't stop there! If you chose Edward you also need to use the colors Black and Red. It doesn't have to be all black and red. Just as long as there is some black and red on your paper creation (even in the tiniest bit) then you are all good to go!

Team Jacob -
Prefer half-naked guys instead? If you choose to run with the Wolves then you will need to include a heart because Jacob has one.

Reminder: If you see a wolf running around your house, don't shoot at it!

You will also need to use the colors brown and white.

No matter which team you choose to be on, you DO NOT have to create a Twilight themed Paper Creation. It can be anything of your choosing. Just follow the rules above set for each team and no vampires or wolves need to be incorporated into the making.

You can create more than just a Scrapbooking layout if you wish. Just as long as it is a Paper Creation it will be eligible. Please make sure to link it to Mr Linky below by the due date which is: Sunday, 22 November.

Terri from Color Me Miki is our Sponsor for this challenge and she has donated the BEWITCHING Kit that includes some of the New Pink Paislee Twilight line. It will go to 1 Lucky Winner that the Lollipop Girls choose from the entries. If you like "Eclectic," you will LOVE Color Me Miki! Click on their highlighted name to be taken over there to check out the home of the miki kits!

To get you inspired here are a few creations by the Lollipop Girl Desigh Team here at C.S.D. and our Special Guest Designer for November.
This first and AWESOME scrapbooking layout is by our extremely talented Guest Designer Chris Aiton. Obviously she chose to be on Team Jacob.

This tag is by our lovely Elina. She chose to be on Team Edward.

This layout is by Jen P. and she chose to be on Team Jacob.

This layout is by Jen F. and she chose Team Jacob as well.
Jenny chose to be on Team Jacob too and created a layout!
Dr. Annika created a layout and she chose to be on Team Edward. Woo-hoo, yeah! LOL
Sandy was on Team Jacob and she created a layout.

Melissa chose to be on Team Edward. She created a Halloween themed card.
Who would I be if I didn't choose to be on Edward's Team? LOL I chose to create a Stickles Storage Box. On the top of the box it says "Make Life Sparkle."
Remember, DUE DATE for entries (for the Blog Candy) is 22 NOVEMBER:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Big Ego Challenge

Big Ego Challenge
Due Date - 11 November

Our Lollipop Girl, Rasberry Dazzle, inspired us to throw this fun Challenge.

Rules are:
-That you must create a Paper Creation (it doesn't have to be a layout) about yourself
-Use little icons that define you (or ones that you simply like)
-Choose a title that exudes confidence (it can be a quote if you wish)

Here are examples from the Lollipop Girl Design Team....

"I have a BIG Ego!" by Lynnette Davis least on my good days I can say I do. I actually get the Delia*s magazine in the mail and used t-shirt icons they had in the magazine. I LUV these cute shirts and would buy them all if I could. My favorite is the green one with the #2 pencil. He's scribbling away saying "I wanna be number 1!!!" LOL I remember telling my husband the same thing before we were married. I knew I deserved to be treated as someones #1 and he really makes me feel like I am. "An Iconic Story" by Sandra Polette

Notice how the icons on Sandy's layout become instant Eye Candy? She went to and did a main search for "icons" to get these. You can even be more specific and type in "cupcake icons" if you fancy. She was a real inspiration to us! "Back 2 Square 1" by Michelle Jacknicke

Michelle had a really fun time putting her life into icons. It was something she had never done before and in order to keep it all in line she had to leave out so many icons that she liked. Don't you just love her title? So fitting! "I Wanna Rawk The World" by Elina Koutsouradi

"Yes, this is what I wanna do… I wanna rawk everybody’s world, with my mind, my presence, my humor and my scrapbooking!! I picked funny icons in black and white to show that I am too sexy even for his squarepants!!"
xo Elina "Recipe Of Me" by Melissa Ferguson
Now how clever is this?! Melissa created a Mini Book out of Recipe Cards. She picked them up at Michael's for $1.50. Talk about thrifty. This is just AWESOME! It makes a perfect little coffee table book and it's filled with all her favorites from TV Shows to Music. "It's All About Me!" by Dr. Annika Prestwich

Journaling reads: I have a lot of things I crave....expensive handbags, chocolate Starbucks coffee, fast cars, nice scrapping things and on top of all of this I crave and need success and a career! Generally, it's all about me!
xo Annika
"Bold As Love" by Jennifer Matott
"I found lots of icons that were the color red and thought it would be perfect to illustrate the song lyrics from one of my favorite John Mayer songs "Bold As Love." What color is more confident than red?"
xo Jen

"Bad Ass Bitch" by our Guest Designer Ally Serrato

She surely is but I'm just wondering where the other 2 angels are....Charlies Angels that is. ;)

The Lollipop Girls will vote for the WINNER and she will have a chance to win this Tinkering Ink Blog Candy!!! Blog Candy donated by Jill from Memorable Seasons. Make sure to check out Memorable Seasons for all your latest needs when it comes to capturing the seasons of life. Please post this Blog Candy on the sidebar of your blogs to help C.S.D. reach 200 Sweethearts.

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