Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Dear Lollipop Girls and Sweethearts of C.S.D.,
I am still in the process of moving and should be all settled in by this weekend. Things didn't work out with the housing arrangements on the Fort Hood installation. I assumed things were going to be bigger here since it's Texas and all but that wasn't the case. We didn't like the house they offered us on post. Therefore we had to spend some time in hotels and find a place off-post to live.

Good news is we finally found a place that we all love and are looking to get settled in after the electricity and water gets turned on in the next couple of days and the movers come with our stuff on Friday.

Bad news....there is none....it's actually more GOOD NEWS. The due date for "The BOLD & The Beautiful Challenge" has been extended till this Saturday, December 12. This means that you have until then to turn in your take to the challenge to try to WIN your choice of apron from BOOJIBOO!

Please scroll down to view the challenge and Good Luck!

Lynnette Davis


Jenny B in Indy said...

Glad you are there safe, Lynnette.

jonaks said...

take care always. "see you soon"

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