Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fan Flowers Tutorial

I must say that I am in love with making these Fan Flowers. I love the depth they give to all of the paper crafts I create. They are super easy to make and they are a great way to use up your leftover paper scraps from your stash.
Follow these simple and easy instructions on how to make your very own Fan Flowers.

"How-To" Instructions Courtesy of Jennifer French.

Start with cutting a strip of paper from your scraps. You can use a straight edge scissors or decorative edge scissors. Keep in mind that the Fan Flower will be twice the width you choose when it is finished. Here I cut a 3/4" strip, so my finished Fan Flower will be about 1 1/2". Try to keep the length of the strip about 8-12" long.

Next you are going to begin the process of folding back and forth to create the fan fold. Keep the folds small (about 1/8"-1/4"). Here I folded every 1/4".

Make sure the peaks/valleys of your folds line up with each other.

When your finished with the fan folding technique your strip of paper should look something like this. Make sure that on both of the ends the paper is facing upwards. (See close-up picture).
(Close-up picture)

Now take those two ends and attach them together. You can staple them together like I have done or you can use tape or glue, whatever works. If you used a one-sided patterned paper notice that the patterned side is on the inside of the circle form.

TIP: If you used a double-sided patterned paper keep the patterned side that you like on the inside of the circle form. When your done attaching the two ends, flip it inside out.

For this next step you will need quick drying glue. Freehand Cut a 1" circle from cardstock paper and apply the glue to one side of it. I used Mod Podge but I'm sure there are other faster drying glues.

Then take the fan folded circle and glue it down to the 1" circle to keep the shape stablized. You are going to gently push the circle inward until it lays flat so the patterned paper is all you see.

Be sure you form the shape that you want quickly. It may be best to use two hands for this part of the technique.

You will have to hold the two pieces together for about a minute until the glue dries completely. Here I just applied pressure to it by using a heavy bottle.

Once dry you can decorate the center however you wish. I stitched a button to the center but you can use brads, beads or even a flower. You can even ink, paint or stickle the edges of the fan flower if you wish.

In the end you will have a beautiful and inexpensive fan flower that you can use to decorate your paper creations.

Don't forget to enter a link to your fan flower creations below and to become a C.S.D. Sweetheart (Follower). One Lucky Winner will receive 2 beautiful Fan Flower creations from the talented Jennifer French. Due date to link up your fan flower creations for the prize is July 8th. Winner will be announced on July 9th. Feel free to link up your creations after the due date. We love to see all your Eye Candy!


jonaks said...

great tutorial, jennifer. will try this one.

twistedsoda said...

Aha. I always wondered how to make those. Now I know! Thanks for the 'how to'!!!

Karyn said...

Oooh these look sooooo pretty! I will definitely have a go at this over the weekend. I love flowers and now you've shown me how to make these I never have to run out! Thank you Lynnette and Jennifer!

Jocelyn said...

LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! I am going to play now and see what I come up with!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!! :))

Anonymous said...

Congrats on starting your blog and new company. I look forward to seeing all your ideas. Cheers,

Lisa T. Howard said...

Wonderful tutorial! Thanks for sharing! :)

Sigmagirl said...

Love the tutorial! This is such a fun site!!! Can't wait for the "opening" day!

Heidi said...

I L-O-V-E these flowers!! Thanks for letting me know how to make them. I added my link to my layout on the Mister Linky link but I wasn't sure it was going to the right place (it said something about "Envisioning Beauty") so here's my link again, just in case:

Thanks for letting me play. I love your new blog.


Sandy said...

How awesome! Definitely going to try this! :)

Carla Rae said...

Very cool tutorial, I will try this in my spare time. TFS

scraphappy55 said...

Love this tutorial, will try it in the morning,can wait it so cute

Yatie said...

What a cool way to make a flower!!

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