Sunday, October 31, 2010

Come see the NEW Lollipop Girls!

I am pleased to announce that the NEW 5 Lollipop Girls have been chosen and I know that you all will be inspired by them in the months to come.

Let me introduce to you.....

Kristin Powell a.k.a. Pumpkin Sue
Kristin has a HORRIBLE potty mouth.  She likes to listen to Christmas music year round.  She hits the snooze button at least 5 times.  She forgets to brush her hair.  A lot.  She owns at least 30 garden gnomes.  And she loves really big (hairy) sideburns on a man.  Somewhat disturbing, I know.

Maureen Kao a.k.a. Lil' Mint Mocha
Mo loves the fact that as an adult, she can eat sweets anytime she wants....sometimes, even in the place of a meal.  She grew up in Hawaii but can't swim.  People at work call her "the pocket nurse" because she's so short and tiny.  She's also known as "Mighty Mo" because she's tougher than she looks.  She loves to read trashy romance novels.  She's always smiling.  She's optimistic by nature.  And she's very random and spur of the moment impulsive.       

Kimmy Jaster a.k.a. Foreign Chocolate Correspondent
Kimmy didn't learn to tie her shoes until she was 12.  She owns over 15 pairs of Converse shoes, all in different colors.  She reads several books at once.  She can't grow plants to save her life, she looks at them and they die.  She can't have cereal with the milk in it.  She drinks her milk on the side.  She hardly ever wears matching socks.  She owns about 6 umbrellas, purely for the fact that she loves them.  She lives in Arizona.  It hardly rains there.

Jeanette Almgren a.k.a. Lush Liquorice

Tettiz is extremely lazy and could spend whole evenings on the sofa watching television.  She loves to bake even though she's on a diet.  She just has her husband and daughter eat what she makes.  She's afraid of snakes.  She's obsessive about the kitchen in her house.  If the rest of the house is a mess, the kitchen's almost always clean.  She was named Jeanette because she was her father's (Jan) first child (one = ett in Swedish).  She teaches English and Swedish in H.S.  She loves the color yellow and her new yellow beetle says RAW on the license plate.  That rocks!     


Tajanee White a.k.a. Suga Plum
Taj is an island girl (from Jamaica).  She recently tried sushi and is now hooked.  She doesn't like chocolate.  She's a neat freak.  Her cell phone is a piece of crap.  She's not a morning person.  She needs at least 10 minutes to herself.  She loves wearing ponytails.  And she loves to scrap about herself. :-)


Taj White said...

Congrats on all the new girls. Looking forward to working with everyone on the team. Let's have some fun ladies!!

Tettiz said...

Yeah!!! Let's have some fun - I'm ready, bring it on!!! :D

Jocelyn said...

Congrats ladies....I adore all the Lo's...What a talented team and a little special shout out to my MO!!!!

Dana Tatar {datatar} said...

Congrats Ladies! Fabulous team Lynnette!

BlessedinTexas said...

Congrats DT team!! Here is my take on my very first challenge and sketch. I am so excited about finding this blog yesterday!!

Happy Halloween,

Myia Shantrice said...

Welcome to the team ladies!

Mo said...

i'm so excited to create for csd! so honored to be in such company!


Monica said...

Congrats girls!!!
Your work is fantastic, looking forward to seeing more of it !

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