Thursday, November 25, 2010

Check out this Lil' Miss Sweet Thang!

If she's an unfamiliar face to you, her name is Steph Devlin and she's from the land down under (Australia).  She has been one of my all-time favorite scrapbooking artists and is our Guest Designer for November and December and I feel SO incredibly lucky to have her on board!  You can get to know her a little better by checking out her blog HERE.
This month she is sharing an awesome pictorial with us to show us how she made the flowers on this gorgeous layout of hers.

 Step 1 - Cut a Patterned Paper Strip, 12 inches wide by 1.5 inches. This gives you the size medallion you see on my layout (using the blue paper). Grab your Martha Stewart Border Punch and punch across the top.

Step 2 - Next you will need to score. I gauged where to score from the pattern on the punch - in this case the Martha Stewart Daisy Punch. Have a good look at the example below, you will see I scored in the middle of the daisy and in the centre between each daisy. Once you have scored the length of paper, fold it in an accordian-like fashion.
Step 3 - Take the ends of the folded pieces of patterned paper and adhere to each other, so that the pattern overlaps the end pattern perfectly. You can use glue, double sided tape, glue dots or even staples to adhere the ends. You will find that you end up with the shape below - once the ends have been stuck together - you are ready for the next step.

Step 4 - Get your hand and push down on the medallion from the center to flatten out the medallion. Don't panic whatever you do if they play up, you can always count on the fact that tutorials make it sound so easy, but when you go to do it, everything stuffs up. Take it from somebody who frequently experiences that. For the rest of you lucky ducks, it should flatten beautifully.

Step 5 - Punch a circle and lather (I mean really cover well in glue) and place the medallion on top. I have turned my medallion upside down here, so you can see what size circle you will need to use. It will all depend on the size of your medallion. You will need to hold it down for a couple of minutes depending on what glue you have, until the glue takes hold. Sometimes depending on how stubborn your medallion is to set, I pop a little glue in the middle, so it knows who's boss!

Step 6 - Punch a 1" circle and adhere to the front center of the medallion to hold it together securely..... and there you have it .... wholla!!! A gorgeous beautiful medallion. They really are easy to make and look so lush and gorgeous on your layouts and cards. You can try layering different size medallions with different textures, there really is no end to the possibilities.  Try it and have fun!

p.s.  Don't forget to play along to our November challenges to try to win the big prize package from our sponsor BlueMoonScrapbooking.  You have less than a week now to get your submissions in.


Mo said...

Awesome! Thanks Steph for such a fun tutorial!


Jan Garber said...

Just hopping around ALL OVER and stumbled upon your blog site for the first time! This is the most fun I've had on a blog in a while! Love the site, love the projects,and LOVE the great attitudes!

Tettiz said...

Welcome Steph!!! Thanks for sharing a great tutorial - I love it!! :D

Miss Jaster said...


chalesek said...

Oh Goodness!! These are so darn cute!!! A must try!!!

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