Monday, June 22, 2009

Lollipop Girl Design Team Call

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Lollipop Girl for C.S.D.???

Candy Shoppe Designs is holding a Design Team Call for the September-December 2009 Term. C.S.D. is looking for unique individuals to help keep the blog a fun place for people to keep coming back to. This call is for individuals who want to share their awesome talent, give people something to talk about and inspire others.

Lollipop Girls are expected to:
-show dedication to their position as a DT member for C.S.D., as they will be held responsible for 9 or more different layouts/projects during their 4 month term (from September-December 2009).
-be punctual!
-become a "Sweetheart" (Follower) of the C.S.D. Blog and show their presence by leaving comments. What's a "team" without Team Spirit?
-promote C.S.D. wherever possible.
-show off the C.S.D. Link Badge and Lollipop Girl Blinkie in Blogs/Forums where it's OK to.

As a DT member you will be allowed bragging rights of being a "Lollipop Girl for C.S.D." You will have your picture and fun facts about you on the C.S.D. Blog along with a link leading back to your own personal blog (if you have one). You will have your bi-weekly creations featured on C.S.D. to give our Sweethearts some inspiration. You'll have the first opportunity to contribute ideas about topics we should cover and/or challenges we should host. You can include the DT position on your scrapbooking resume and at the end of your successful 4-month term you will be sent a "Goodie Box" filled with products from C.S.D. and it's Sponsors as a big thank you for your time and commitment with C.S.D.

***Applicants should take all Lollipop Girl Requirements listed above into consideration before applying for the position.***

To Apply Please Submit:
-Your full name, nickname, address, telephone number, email, blog link (if you have one), as well as links to other online forums you take part in regularly (incl. your user names for each).
-Info. of any DT's that you are currently on or have been a part of in the past. Experience is not a requirement for this position.

-Info. of any published work. Again, not a requirement.
-A total of 7 of your favorite layouts that best represents your scrapbooking style.
-3 other projects that you are proud of. It can be cards, altered items, mini books, and even additional layouts, etc.

-21 Random Fun Facts About You.
-A headshot.
-A short & sweet BUT detailed essay as to why you feel you would be an asset to the C.S.D. DT. (Do you design sketches? Do you have a knack for certain areas? Do you know of any possible sponsors? Let me know!)
-Be sure to also include a detailed idea for a challenge to possibly host on the blog. Be sure to include pictures (if any). I want to see how unique you can get!

Send All Information To:
Lynnette Davis at with "I wanna be a Lollipop Girl for C.S.D." in the subject line. Due date for entries will be July 31, 2009. Designers chosen to be the Lollipop Girls for C.S.D. will be informed by August 1st via email. The DT will then be announced on September 1, 2009 during the debut of C.S.D.


twistedsoda said...

Now this is definitely a blog that I can sink my teeth into!!!

Nikki Love said...

love your new blog!!! following and looking forward to all the inspiration :D

Jocelyn said...

This sounds awesome....I would love to be part of your team!!!!

Melissa said...

me! me! pick me! lol I love this What a fun way to pick a team I better get working :)

Tidbits of my Life said...

AWESOME! Love the blog.

Tidbits of my Life said...

By the way, where did you get the idea of the Lollipop Girls for your blog name? Are they a group or something, and if so, what do they do?

Tina said...

I would love to join too Here is my blog I just started i am still learning to use it lol

Myia Shantrice said...

This is so super cute! I am so excited to join this blog and try out for your design team!

Axes DesigNs said...

Hi! What a great opportunity.. I would like to be part of the DT... this is a Yummyyyyy Blog!

Karyn said...

Wow just stumbled on this blog. Looks fantastic! Love the design. I would love to be a lollipop girl! I will definitely try and submit for the design team.... and then cross my fingers, toes, eyes.... and anything else I can cross! LOL

Lisa T. Howard said...

This is going to be THE new happenin' place...I can just feel it! LOVE this idea Lynette! And I would be tickled pink to be part of this team! Now, to get some sweet thoughts spinning in my head for my submissions!

Euphoria said...

Super rad new blog!! Can't wait to dive into some challenges!

DrAnnika said...

I really like this layout and all the colours and retro-feel to the pictures and headings!

You are in my blog-feeder now so I can keep complete look out for you!!

/Annika xoxo

Carla Rae said...

Wow what an opportunity!, I'm sending my stuff in!

yyam said...

This looks like an awesome challenge blog! :)

Mazlina said...

What a cute name.. lollipop girl!! Who doesnt want to be one? :) Can't wait for the challange to start.. It will be awesome!

Tinkersdamn said...

I'm a little late to the party, have only just submitted my entry. Very new to the site but having lots of fun scrolling through!
Going to run upstairs soon and have a go at the Warm It Up challenge as well. :)

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