Saturday, June 5, 2010

A winning post!

I finally found the time to go through all of the Lollipop Girls votes they sent in and I'll now announce the WINNERS for our April and May challenges. Thank you for your patience!
There were SO many of you who created winning layouts so I decided to also list 5 "Honorable Mentions" from each month as well.

In April, we were given this beautiful kit to giveaway from Scarlet Lime:

So, who gets it?

If YOU created this WINNING layout than YOU did! But since YOU didn't, SHE did! Congratulations Amanda!

The Lollipop Girls and I LOVED your take to the "It's Raining, It's Pouring" challenge and we loved the meaning behind it even more! You took Snap Crackle Pop's example layout for the challenge and totally made it your own and we :heart: you for that.

I want to share Amanda's journaling because it's SO beautiful and you should all take something from it....


If it never rains, how can we learn to appreciate sunshine?
If you're never sad, how do you know the value of happiness?
Without rain, the flowers wouldn't grow,
just as we can't learn from mistakes if we never make them.
Happiness is not to be taken for granted.
Take the good with the bad.
Truly, I'm only happy when it rains.

And here are the 5 April creations (in no particular order) that caught our eye this month.....


by twistedsoda

by Dianna

by Kristin Summer

& by Myia

In May, we had this delicious kit to giveaway from our sponsor Magpie Club.
We were faced with another tough choice to make as SO many of you took part in our 4 challenges in this particular month. We managed to narrow it down and came up with this winning layout as our absolute fave!

Congratulations Jeanette - Tettiz!

This layout of yours truly warmed our hearts and we thought it was such a creative take to our "TWENTY-ONE" challenge!

And here are the 5 May creations (in no particular order) that caught our eye this month.....


by Mattie

by Lacee Broyles

by Sarah W.

by Adrienne Pierce

& by Kimmy

Thank you to all of you girls for sharing such beautiful creations with us.....we truly LOVE looking at them!
Contact info. to claim your prizes is in the Menu Bar above.

To join in our newest challenge "Razberry Dazzle" go HERE! You have until this Monday, June 7 to link up your creations!


Mo said...

What fabulous winning layouts! Congrats to you all :)

Myia Shantrice said...

Awesomeness! Love your designs ladies and congrats!

Miss Jaster said...

Honorable mention...awesome! Thanks! :) Lovely LOs from everyone!

Amanda Jones said...

Oh my goodness! I won!?!

Wow, I'm very honored (and surprised!), thank you! There were a lot of beautiful entries, well done ladies!

Holly said...

Wow! These are beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing.


Amy Wing said...

Hey ladies - I couldn't find an e-mail here (although maybe it's totally obvious and I'm overlooking it - I'm good like that), so thought I'd leave a comment. there is a new site where you can post your challenges for free - should help increase traffic and help with sponsorships if you're interested in that. E-mail me if you have any questons. The site is, and anyone who posts a challenge during the beta period gets entered to win a $25 gift cert from Gauche Alchemy.

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