Thursday, September 17, 2009

Make Your Own Patterned Paper Sweet Tooth Tutorial

Thank you Cris Cunningham, allYson, Sophia, Kate, Denise, Sweet Escape and Pink Heather for becomming a Sweetheart of C.S.D. recently. We're SO glad you decided to join us here on the Sweetest Blog on the Block!

Besides the fact that it's coming to you all a day late....It's time for a NEW Sweet Tooth Tutorial and this weeks Guest Designer is Valerie Gould. She is going to show you all how to create your very own Patterned Paper.

In today's economy this technique should be very beneficial.Valerie Gould has been crafting for as long as she can remember. She admits that her whole family is crafty in one way or another and she thinks it may be in her genes somehow. Crafting has helped her through many rough times and she doesn't know where she'd be without this form of art and self expression. I'm sure we can all fully agree with her regarding this matter.

Please check out Valerie's Sweet Tooth Tutorial and try it out yourself to do something NEW!

Supplies Needed:
-White Cardstock
-White Embossing Ink
-White Embossing Powder
-Embossing Heat Gun
-2 Paint Brushes
-Acrylic Paint
-Small cup of water
-Stamp of choice

STEP 1: Gather All Supplies.

STEP 2: Using your Stamp of choice and White Embossing Ink, stamp images on the White Cardstock in any way you so desire.

STEP 3: Apply White Embossing Powder to Stamped Images and dust off excess. Repeat this process until you feel you have reached the look you want.

STEP 4: Using the Embossing Heat Gun, emboss the images as normal until they become smooth and glossy.STEP 5: Allow to cool completely.

STEP 6: In a paint tray or a device of your choosing add the Acrylic Paint of your choice.STEP 7: Add a small amount of water to the Acrylic Paint until the paint drips off your paintbrush.

STEP 8: Using the first of your two paintbrushes begin to apply the paint to your White Cardstock Paper using a back and forth hand motion and cover the entire paper with paint.STEP 9: Before the paint dries quickly take your 2nd paintbrush and swipe over the stamped images to remove any paint. You want the images to appear white through the paint.STEP 10: Allow the paint to dry.And that's it. It's SO easy! .... Now for the Challenge .... even if you don't have these embossing supplies on hand it won't matter for the Challenge I'm about to give you. If you do go out and get some embossing supplies or have some on-hand to try this technique out, then more power to you! Try the technique with this Challenge I'm about to give and I'll give you an *EXTRA POINT to go towards winning the BAD GIRLS KIT. *PLEASE READ THE ABOUT US SECTION TO LEARN ABOUT THE POINT SYSTEM.

The Challenge is to create a Paper Creation using Patterned Paper. You can achieve this in any way you deam possible. However, you may not use any pre-made scrapbooking patterned must come up with a clever idea and use something else instead or make your own!

When you have done so be sure to link up your creation to this post. All Paper Creations are due by 6 October. Winner will be announced 7 October after the Lollipop Girls have voted. The Blog Candy (shown above) will go to 1 LUCKY Sweetheart of C.S.D. Good Luck!


jonaks said...

great idea!!! have to be messy. I think I can just use paint since i don't have embossing powders.

Anonymous said...

COOL technique. I should try this!

elina said...

wow!! this looks like Heidi Swapp's invisible papers but so much cheaper and with more patterns!!

Jocelyn said...

Thank you soooooo much for this wonderful tutorial...I would have never thought of this!!!!! I can't wait to try this out!!!! :)

Zeffy said...

amazing that this is the tutorial...I made my own paper for the Sweet 16 blog hop! bot I did not emboss it....will definately give it another shot....

Jenny B in Indy said...

Oh, I love creating my own pp.. How fun! Great tutorial!

Renee77 said...

Way to go Val!!! I love you're technique! You know I'm goona give it a try! Thanks for always sharing!

Jennifer said...

Very clever!!

Kimmy said...

I didn't do the embossing thing- but I made my own pp with a stamp. :D

I am going to try your technique I was just too impatient this weekend to wait for paint to dry. LOL.

Sandy said...

Love this tutorial---what an awesome technique!! Thanks for sharing Valerie! :)

Chris said...

I don't have any embossing stuff and no money to buy any so I made my paper by stamping

Deanne K said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I don't own an embossing gun but someday I will!

I made my own version:

Deanne :)

Kelsey_N said...

Very cool!
I've never done PP like that before - I've only ever just stamped on plain paper.

Great tutorial as per usual!

Jen said...

I also used stamps- here's my layout:

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