Friday, April 23, 2010


No, not for alcohol silly girls....for your applications. Turn them in TODAY for them to be accepted. Check out all of the details by clicking HERE!

The Lollipop Girls and I will be going through the applications over the weekend to decide on the 3 that we deem fit for the team, at this time.

Your chances of making it on the DT all depends on who has applied.

We've already received a butt load of applications to go through, but still encourage you all to get out of your bubble and apply if your interested in the spot.

If you don't make it on the team this time, don't give up your hopes for next time!

With that said, thank you to all and everyone who has took the time to apply. We truly appreciate your interest in wanting to design along with us.

We look forward to these next 3 designers presense on the team and will let you know our decision in a post on Monday.

Good Luck!


Leah the Orange said...

counting down!
good luck, everybody! i'm sure the lucky Lollis are going to make for a ROCKIN' team!

Anonymous said...

woo hoo! good luck to everyone-waiting patiently with some gummi's til monday :)

have a great weekend!


Zoa said...

can't wait to see the new team!!! Good Luck everyone that applies! <3

Audra said...

yay!! how exciting!! :)

AmesOx said...

Good luck ladies!!!!!

April Hummert said...

Good luck everyone...can't wait to see the results!

Kim Wilson said...

Cant wait to see who you choose! I am sorry but I sent my app without a photo ahhhh! So if you would like me to send it please let me know. Its been a terrible week but a new one is starting so we are hopeful this will be better than the last :) Take care!!

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