Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gesso - Peso Altered Canvas Tutorial

Thank you Ann, Jenny, Michelle, Melissa, Anneliese, scrappin' kitty, Zoa, Ann-Katrin, Olga T, Sue, Crystal, Merrilee, Madame Butterflyy and Heather for becoming a Sweetheart of C.S.D. recently. We're SO glad you decided to join us here on the Sweetest Blog on the Block! This is our 2nd Sweet Tooth Tutorial this month and it's being given by a REAL Sweetie Pie! Her name is Jocelyn Petcholan and she has got to have one of the most contagious smiles I have ever seen. Look at her....Doesn't her smile just warm you up inside? Whenever I see her I just have to smile and feel happy because well, just look at her! :)

Jocelyn Petcholan has been Scrapbooking for about 7 years now and making Cards for 10 and she admits to spending waaay too much money on supplies. She's here to show us how to Gesso (pronounced "JEH-so." "JEH" like in Jerry. "So" as in so) on Canvas because you can't expect to create "art" on untreated cloth.

I'm throwing in a little twist to throw you all off your rockers PLUS I needed to find an interesting way to make this even more fun because the Gesso on Canvas is just too, too easy.

Peso rhymes with Gesso so with this Tutorial you will GAIN *1 EXTRA POINT for using "Pesos" as Inspiration for the work of Art on your Canvas that you Create. Along with the link to your Submission you must also state how you did so.

Other Rules:
-You can submit any Altered Canvas you have created in the past or present. Just make sure to leave a comment with a link to where it's located.
-You will get 1 POINT for each submission. You are not limited to just 1 submission.
-You will get that EXTRA POINT for using PESOS as Inspiration for your Altered Canvas.


Think outside the box....use the colors, use dollar signs if you want, use notes, graph paper, ruled paper, numbers, coin trimming, the word in your language, you name it! Here's a photo of some colorful peso's to get your mojo on fire....

They are so colorful and pretty. How could anyone NOT be inspired?

To get started you will need:
-Plastic Bowl/Sink
-Drop Cloth/Surface you don't mind getting dirty

STEP 1 - Combine Gesso and Water according to the instructions on the Gesso container.

STEP 2 - Mix the substance thoroughly and smoothly.

STEP 3 - Spread Drop Cloth down on your work area.

STEP 4 - Lay Canvas on Cloth.

STEP 5 - Gently sand down the canvas surface to create a consistant and even surface to work on.

STEP 6 - Wet your Paintbrush with water and squeeze it dry so it doesn't soak up excess Gesso.

STEP 7 - Plop a dollop of Gesso on Canvas and begin working back and forth in parallel strokes with the paintbrush. The Gesso should be as evenly and thinly distributed as possible. *Some painters prefer to use a Squeegee for this instead of a brush.

STEP 8 - Coat Edges.

STEP 9 - Wash Paintbrush thoroughly.

STEP 10 - Leave the canvas flat and allow to it to dry for at least an hour.

STEP 11 - Once dry, gently sand it to even out the surface and then dust it off.

STEP 12 - Repeat steps 6-8 with perpendicular strokes.

STEP 13 - Allow to dry overnight.

You may just as well skip over some steps if it suits you, like if you'd rather work on an uneven surface, etc. After the Gesso is completely dry on your Canvas you are ready to Alter the Canvas any way you wish. Here's what Jocelyn did....

First she painted it with pink paint, then sprayed Glimmer Mist over top of that. Then, using her fingers she took some yellow and green paint and a little bit of Gesso and painted flowers. She then took some watercolour pencils and did the centers of the flowers. She added other embellishments to it and ta-da! She ended up feeling like Piccasa when she was finished. Trust me, you will too!

Get started on your Gesso - Peso Altered Canvas TODAY!

Due: Tuesday, September 29th

You could WIN this!!!


elina said...

fabulous tutorial!!!
I love Gesso and Pesos!!!!

twistedsoda said...

I've been kicking around a canvas in my office for a while. This is just the motivation I need. A wickedly fun tutorial. I can't wait to get started

Anonymous said...

YAH, I love Jocelyn and I love this project!

Kelsey_N said...

I've got a canvas kicking around ... but no Gesso! (Will I sound like a complete loser if I say I don't actually know what Gesso is?!)
Great project. I love how you do the tutorial - makes it easier for silly nillys like me to learn new stuff!

Jocelyn said...

Thanks to Melissa.... You are such a Sweet Friend!!! This turned out so perfect and I can't wait to see what creations you all come up....Come play along....finger painting is so much fun!!!!! Thanks to the team and YAY for this wonderful Challenge Blog!!!!! Smiles to all of you!!!! :)

Ann said...

I so need to try this!

Sandy said...

Outstanding tutorial! I wouldn't have known the first step in working on a canvas. Jocelyn---I LOVE what you created! :) It turned out beautifully.

Jenny B in Indy said...

This ROCKS! I'm totally going to try and find some canvas and Gesso now... That looks super cool!
Thanks for sharing!

finnabair said...

lovely project and great tutorial - wow!

finnabair said...

Ok so here are my first entries:

1. - woman's talk with a kind of structural gesso
2. Inspiration:
3. dreamer:
4. In the land of whiteness:

and I'll be back!

finnabair said...

here I go again - my canvas layouts:
6. old times
8. white dress:
9.Lullaby: beginning
thanks and hugs to you sweet ladies:)

Ann said...

Ok I bought my canvas yesterday for this challenge but I am still trying to find this gesso stuff. What is it?

ellen s. said...

that is so cool!
love it jocelyn!!!!!!!!!!

Jocelyn said...

You can find Gesso in the art section of your local craft is usually stocked where they have the canvas and art supplies...Hope that helps Ann!!! It prepares for the canvas for painting!!!! Thanks are the greatest!

Kimmy said...

Here are a couple older canvases I made... I plan on making another you totally inspired me!!

my favorite one:

Chris said...

I love to use gesso but I made a new layout just for this challenge inspired by pesos = money = Lotto tickets = DO YOU FEEL LUCKY
Here's the link to my blog -

finnabair said...

here is my canvas again:

RuRu said...

Great tutorial, thanks!

My Entry, thanks for the nice comments Lynnette!*krs9tDZSarv1ZlttWS7ygFUfzNuFcaQFds7ATLUC1av16fTP-VVzJB0uE0yvhCmLHJt2lMqTXE/IMG_2729.JPG?transform=rotate%2890%29

Ann said...

I never did find Gesso. But I did complete a 12 x 12 altered canvas. This blog inspired me to do the project. Thanks.

Here's a link:

judith said...

Nice pictures and a wonderful idea. Thanks for updating. canvas prints

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