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For this new challenge in April the Lollipop Girls and I wanted to make you LOL. We thought with all the April Fool's jokes going around we know that this month will surely be filled with laughs and giggles. We don't want to just stop on the 1st of the month.....we wanna keep laughing all throughout the month. Having a bad day? I hear laughter is the best medicine!

So, for this first April challenge you are asked to dig out those photo's buried in that deep, dark corner of your lives that you have hidden away so that no one will discover them. Come on girls, you know what I'm talking about! We wanna see the funny, hilarious, embarrassing memories you have that you wouldn't dare scrap before this. It can be of yourself or if you'd rather embarrass someone else, feel free.

To help inspire you to scrap these photo's are the Lollipop Girls with their creations that will be sure to have you cracking up at the mere sight of their embarrassment.....or on their loved ones account. Here's.....


by Peppermint Swirl

The story as told by Peppermint Swirl: My 7 yr old daughter decided to decorate my face with leftover Halloween makeup. The kids thought it was hilarious.


The story as told by Lemon Zinger: These are proofs from when the company I worked for was doing a brochure. The company selected a different photo of me and then gave me the rejects! In these photos I look like I am working really hard. LOL!


by Pink Tootsie

The story as told by Pink Tootsie: This was a photo opportunity we managed to get of sweet Chloe all covered in flour from making animal shapes out of Pizza dough, we never laughed so much as we did that night...

by Lemon Drop

The story as told by Lemon Drop: I left my camera at a friend's house and asked her to bring it back to me one day when we were meeting for lunch. Apparently they thought it would be funny to take pictures on the way to lunch. The ultimate payback -- a LO about their escapades! :)


The story as told by KitKat: me and my bff Essandra (she's on left)-Here I am striking a pose, trying to be all cute and as soon as my sister said "one, two three-say cheese," she made this face! This'll teach her next time cause now she'll see that I WILL scrap these kinds of pics too! 10 takes later and we never got the perfect shot :)

DUH! by Chocolate Pretzel

The story as told by Chocolate Pretzel: This is my 15 y.o. brother. Yes, he was surprised! :) Being a teenager, he is "all that". When I was home for Christmas and we went anywhere, he always had to get "shotgun". Bad idea when your older sister is in the back with a camera....he turned around quick to see where the red light was coming from. I can't wait to post this on FB so all his friends can see! :)


by Pink Coffee Bean

The statement in Pink Coffee Beans words: Here it is - read it and weap ladies... Or look at the picture and die an awful death. I NEVER thought I would scrap those horrid pictures. :P


The story as told by Snap Crackle Pop: This is a LO about myself and my BFF's back in the day when 'Gawdy' wear was all the rage. Yes, Yes, those are shiny pleather glitter skirts - fake fur white coat - and don't even get me started on the chunky 4 inch heels we are wearing! To top it off....we weren't even going anywhere special, just Taco Bell. Yeah, those were the days. I was attempting to make this LO a little gawdy as well to get the overall effect of how seriously ridiculous we looked :)


The story as told by Cherry Lolita: The things you do to make me laugh. I had told you to pull up your pants and quit sagging them. So, you pulled them up WAY high and began dancing all nerdy. You were watching out for your Dad and your sister in case they came walking into the room. I love these little episodes you do for my eyes only. They are always way out of your character and they make me laugh so much!

Our April Sponsor is The Scarlet Lime.

The Scarlet Lime is ran by husband & wife Ben & Christy Tomlinson - A dynamic duo who are also raising 6 kids at the same time. They started The Scarlet Lime back in the Fall of 2007. They bring together all sorts of patterns, textures and styles, they mix modern with vintage, funky with chic and offer these eclectic mix-ups in their monthly kits, add-ons, paper-crafting projects and a bunch of other fun things. They have a newsletter you can sign up for and prizes and giveaways that you can enter too. So, check them out and see what they are all about!

Here's the prize this month from The Scarlet Lime.Want a chance to win it?

Here's what you'll have to do:

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  4. Create a NEW project for this specific challenge. It must be NEW as of 4/1/10. You can create anything (a LO, a card, an altered item, etc.).

Challenge rules are:

  1. Use those embarrassing/funny photos you wouldn't dare scrap before now on your creations.
  2. Leave a DIRECT LINK to your creation via Mister Linky.
  3. Create a blog post dedicated to C.S.D. with your challenge submission and tell us the story behind it.
  4. Leave a comment under this posting letting us know you have done all of the above once you have.

Challenge Due: 4/15


Stay tuned for the February Sweetheart Winner and our next Design Team Call!


Sophia said...

Great job on these ladies...

Jocelyn said...

Oh did a Fabulous job with this one and I so have to play along!!!!


Jen said...

Sounds like a fun challenge! Love the prize too!!

Mazlina said...

nice challenge.. already linked my entry..

Shazza said...

hi Ladies!

My entry is linked and I am a follower of you site.

Thanks for this challenge!

I cant wait to have a chuckle over the entries lol


Adrienne Pierce said...
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Adrienne Pierce said...

Yay! Left a link, been a follower!
I have a entire page dedicated to Challenge sites that I <3 found here

I also recently published an article linking directly to my list so I hope that covers spreading the word!

Can't wait to see more entries on this one!!!

twistedsoda said...

Hello sweet things! I had to do this challenge! One cause the pictures were so stupid and two...the prize is just wicked!!!

jonaks said...

i just loved this challenge. they are so cute and fun!

Jen said...

Such a fun challenge. I have linked my layout up. Fabulous prize too!!

*charygirl said...

Those are some FU-NEE photos! great job ladies!

Leah the Orange said...

these are SO great! love all the incriminating photos - i think i have something that will work for it, and i can't wait to play along! :)

Ems Fronda said...

Great layouts by the girls! Made me LOL! Took the challenge with my fave photos of my eldest DH. Here's the link

Kristin Summer said...

Wow, this prize is uber fabulous, and coupled with this challenge, it was the perfect motivation to scrap my photos! I posted my link too!!

Beandip said...

Okay, here goes nothing:
I entered, and I have a blast doing so!

Audra said...

AWESOME challenge!! I had sooo much fun with this one!! and I looove all the DT work!! I posted my link!! :)

Bec said...

Just found your blog and I love it!!
I've done my layout with the only funny photo I haven't deleted!!

I am also a follower!

jacque4u2c said...

Awesome job ladies!

April Hummert said...

Loved the challenge! Thank you!

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